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Greetings! We are already in February! There are many holidays in February, but the most well known and perhaps popular is Valentine’s Day on February 14. The typical take on Valentine’s Day is showing romantic couples showing their love toward each other. I would like to suggest that an alternative take could be to just focus on relationships with loved ones…romantic or not. The graphics used on the splash page and banner above are intended to represent the idea of mending relationships with loved ones, too, or at least mending them for your own self. Letting go and forgiving those who have caused pain in the past doesn’t mean you forget it or approve of it…it just means that you no longer allow it to be baggage that you alone are carrying. Most importantly, take time to celebrate life!

Congratulations, Lori Reis of Dartmouth, MA, USA! (We hope you are staying safe and warm despite the snow and blizzards, Lori!)

Hopefully, the last weeks of winter will be kinder to everyone, especially those on the East Coast of the U.S.!

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