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By Walks With Thunder

Last year the Fairies came into my life and this year, it's the Angels…  

Over the past few months, much to my initial surprise, they've been showing up all over the place!  My world is a paranormal one, to be sure, but why Angels, and why now?  My work deals with Grandfather/Grandmother spirits, Fairies, and Dark Spirits, but not Angels (until now).  In fact, last year they did have a nice chat with me about my telling folks to "do the math."  I admit, this time last year, I was still telling folks to call on the Grandfather Sprits because they weren't as busy.  But I'm a quick learner, and to set the record straight, here's the real math: 

At last estimate, we have 6.7 billion people on the earth, and approximately 25% are Christian.  That's 1.675 billion Christians in our world.  

Lets say that 1% of them at any given time is calling upon Angels.  Even 1% would be around 167.5 million Christians all calling on Angels.  Now if 10% of those requests call on a "popular" Angel (let's say Michael, for example), then conceivably 16.75 million Christians could still be calling on Archangel Michael at the same time.  I was saying, "they're too busy."  The Angels corrected me clearly: It's totally do-able.

Here's what they said: Since everyone (yes, I mean absolutely every one) has a Guardian Angel just waiting to be called into action (and many of us have more than one), their request is heard immediately.  It doesn't so much matter to whom it's addressed.  If that Guardian can't handle the request, it is bumped up the chain of hierarchy for Angels (yes, they have ranks and classifications or specialties) until the request for help can be handled.  I am also reminded that they have infinite power and can be in many places at once- the original multi-taskers!  So I've come to understand that the math is not important; the person making the request is.  Okay, I got that.  And I personally still call on Grandfather and Grandmother Spirits before I think about calling on Angels, but that's me- it's just my way.  I talk about this on Blog Talk Radio and show off all the time.  Again, that's me!

Can you tell I've had a bit of an attitude with the Angels?  So, it's to my amazement they're showing up, what with me telling folks not to call on them and all...  Or is that precisely why they showed up?  You see, I grew up Catholic, and have been recovering from that for about 40 years.  (My apologies to practicing Catholics- I am sure it's your way, and you're welcome to it as I am to mine.  Our Creator doesn't so much care which way we go with this- just that we do).  Part of what I've struggled with is the stories and attitudes towards the Angels- hearing about stories of when God wants someone killed he'd send an Angel, or when he wanted a wall that protected a city, he’d send Angels, or  when he has a difficult job, he'd send (you guessed it) an Angel.  My pals report that the Angels are not deserving the bad reputation they get in some of the Biblical stories.  In fact, according to them, the Angels are all about love and compassion in our world- so if there's a tragedy the Angels will be there, but not because they were sent to do the dirty work.  I can believe that, because when I see an Angel, I also get a feeling of being enfolded in protection and comfort- a sense of calm and peace settles over me like a warm blanket.

So now I'm seeing Angels everywhere, and I admit I haven't called for them.  But sometimes now they are on the side of the road, made of fog.  Now and then they show up as a person when I need a hand.  And a few of those times, they came to give me messages of hope and faith.

One Friday night in January after a long week of troubling moments, I arrived at a friend's house about 8:30 PM, feeling tired and in need of a much needed rest and recharge.  My dog and I were watching a movie and playing ball (you know Dissy Dog, my little 5.2 pound pup, can play ball in the house no problem at all) and this gives me time to do a little "multi-tasking" myself while I watch TV, answer e-mails, and all that stuff.  At one point while I was distracted with all of this, I noticed a golden glow off to my left.  When I looked at this glow, there was an Angel so large he had to be down on one knee to fit in the living room that had vaulted ceilings.  His hair was blonde with many waves in it, eyes blue, and wings larger than his body was tall.  He looked at me with such a look of empathy, the message I heard in my head was, "Have Faith; we are with you.  You're going through a rough time now, but it's going to be alright."  And I actually felt just that.

The next time I saw an Angel was the following Monday, in the same place.  Dissy and I were playing ball, and I was watching a movie (this happens a lot).  Then I noticed a movement in the mirror above the fireplace.  I looked up just in time to see a white wing near the vaulted ceiling 19 ft up.  Big Angel.  The message that came this time was, "Have faith; we are behind you."  

The following Thursday, I was talking to a pal of mine on the phone, and while talking, I saw Angel Wings out my bedroom window.  They showed up singly, in pairs, and in threes, and even in groups of four.  In the space of about 40 minutes, I counted about 50.  Whoa.  The message this time was, "Have faith; we are all around you."  

So from all of this, I have a message to share with you:  “Angels are everywhere, they have unlimited power, and they are here to help if you ask them."  Makes me wonder what I will be introduced to next year; this year it's clearly my year for Angels.  I wonder if that blessing I wrote on my February article has anything to do with all the Angel  Sightings.  For those of you who don't remember, I wrote "May love, fairies, and magic surround you, and may Cupid, along with all the angels and spirits, bless you with all that you need and more than what you ask for."  

Guess I better watch what blessing I give you folks when I sign off these articles since it's a gift that returns to me many time over!  So may the Angels, Grandfather and Grandmother Spirits, Fairies and ah, Movies Stars and ah, Dragons and umm, Unicorns, protect you on your path!  Just kidding… 

May you be blessed with all the best life has to offer in all the good and gentle ways.  

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