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By Melanie Harris

At last, Spring is truly upon us!  Along with the bears, we can crawl out of our caves and once again greet the living world.  As the days begin to last longer than the nights, the sun and all it symbolizes takes a place of prominence.  March is a time of vitality, action, and growth, and the intense energy of the season can be used to achieve your grandest ambitions.  We hermit types need to say enough is enough; it's time to get out and do something!  These March Tarot activities will plunge you deep into the fruitful new beginnings of Spring, empowering you to take charge and make some real progress in your life.

Tarot Talisman for Motivation

Procrastination is a powerful enemy.  If we want to make our dreams realities, we need to take action.  Using the Ace of Wands as a talisman can help keep you motivated and moving forward.

Hold the card and think of some steps you'll take towards achieving your goal.  Imagine the things you need flying towards you.  Visualize your success as imminent, only a matter of time.  Think action and think quickness, and send this energy into the talisman.  Keep the card with you to give yourself a magical push to take action on your ambitions.

The Where Now Tarot Layout

This layout reveals areas of potential growth and improvement, and shows where action and energy should be focused.  Shuffle the deck as you ask yourself what aspects of your life are ready to undergo a tremendous positive transformation.  Cut the deck in traditional fashion, into three piles towards the left.  Pick up the piles in the order they were dropped, and turn over the top three cards in the stack.  These cards symbolize opportunities that should be enthusiastically pursued.

Tarot Ritual for Springtime Energy

This ritual will energize and invigorate you with a vitality that mirrors the power and excitement of Spring.  Lay out the Ace of Cups, The Sun, and The Star.  Look at the Sun card and visualize a warm energy flowing into your body.  Say, "I am as bright as the Sun, and just as unstoppable."

Now look at The Star, and imagine blessings cascading down on you, filling you with renewed life.  Say, "Like a flooding river, my personal force brings forth growth."

Finally, look at the Ace of Cups, and visualize your spirit overflowing with life and love.  Say, "I am blessed to the brim, and I enjoy my life with full energy."

Your vitality will begin to increase once the ritual is complete, so make use of your new energy by doing something worthwhile and productive.  

By entering Spring at full throttle, Nature's energies will help you along on your way to a successful season.  Just like the sun, it's your time to shine, and whatever your dream, we hope these Tarot activities will inspire you to really go for it.  Just be sure to beware the ides of March.  Just kidding!  Happy Spring!

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