Frolicking Fae

By Terri Clement

Using The Enchanted Oracle
 by Jessica Galbreth


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The beginning of the month is a good time to take a look at your path and your goals.  You are very close to accomplishing something you’ve been working on but seem to have lost steam just a bit. Now is the time to tap into that fire energy that is available to you from the universe. This is a good time to explore the magic of the dragon. In a safe place, light a red or orange candle, close your eyes take several nice deep breaths, and visualize a landscape with mountains and caves. Explore this area until you find your inner dragon and connect with that energy. Feel the drive and the passion entering into you. When you are ready, determine your course and then dive into action, head first.  

This part of the month is important for you to step up and be in command. This does not mean that you have to do everything all by yourself, but you need to be the one making the decisions and giving directions; just remember to do so with kindness.


The middle of the month it is a time to shift some energy towards home. Not where you came from but where you hang your hat. Not only is it time for some spring cleaning, it is also a good time for a spring clearing. Here are some ideas that you can try: (pick one that resonates with you)

To clear your home (or any space) of negative energy is to light a candle with focus and intent can help change the energy in a room almost immediately. This is a very useful clearing technique to use after an argument, when experiencing intense emotions, if someone has been sick, or when moving into a new house.

You can smudge the space with sage then follow up with sweetgrass. I recently learned that in Lakota traditions they believe that sage is a male energy and the sweetgrass is female. This is why when you cleanse a home you use both the sage to clear the yuckies out and the sweetgrass to put in some love.

You can throw sea salt into the corners of the house for good measure. Rose quartz in the 4 corners will also bring love and harmony into the home

Using incense such as frankincense, benzoin and myrrh can help raise the vibration in any space as it cleanses and purifies. You can also use water with a few drops of essential oils such as lemon, lavender or eucalyptus.

Cedar needles can be used for clearing and dispelling negative energy.

A very old technique is clapping your hands in the corners of a room to clear space. This dates back to the Druids. You can also try using bells to clear the energy of the room.

Nearing the end of the month you might find that keeping a dream journal close by your bed is a good idea. Your subconscious is trying to send you a message through your dreams and it’s time to start paying attention. To enhance your dreaming you might want to try putting an amethyst on your nightstand or under your pillow. If your dreams get too intense, move the stone a little further away.  

This is a time that you will also want to pay attention to your intuition during the daytime. The more you flex that intuitive muscle, like any other muscle in the body, it gets stronger. This is an excellent time to do Tarot readings for friends, family and of course yourself.  


Overall, it looks like this is a month of finishing up, not a time to begin new things. Clear out what is finished and is no longer serving you, pass things along that can be used by others, and lighten your load.

A nice stone to carry this month is the Peridot. 

This stone can be used for healing, renewal, growth, relaxation and intuition. Peridot releases and neutralizes toxins on all levels. It can enhance confidence, assertion and can motivate and facilitate growth and change. It can also help to open the mind to new levels of awareness. 

It can help strengthen the immune system and increase metabolism.

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