May Message from the Frolicking Fae

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By Terri C.

Based on mediations using Amy Brown's Mystic Faerie Tarot

May starts out a little rocky, when it comes to your emotions.  You may feel that your relationships are strained at this point in time.  Put a little extra effort and energy into them.  Focus on the good stuff, not the bad.

Honor those inner feelings, and cry if you need to.  Release, then move forward.  Listen to what is being said, hear the words, and pay attention.  Don’t get so caught up in what’s going on around you that you lose sight of what is really important.

Though the month may start out rough, everything levels out as we head into the middle of the month.

Get outside.  Play in the dirt.  Plant some flowers.  Build a faerie house.  Enjoy the sun!  The Fae are shouting “moderation” in my ear, so there you have it.  “All things in moderation.”  They are also saying to watch how you are physically lifting things this month.  Just take extra care!

Now would be a good time to take your readings to a new level.  Take that deck with you everywhere!  Find a stranger and offer them a reading.  It will be scary and full, all rolled into one!

You may find someone coming to you for relationship advice this month.  There really is no way to fix this relationship, unless they agree to start over and let all of that “stuff” go.  This person needs to talk through the challenge though, so do try to be supportive.  You can even ask the Fae to help mend this relationship.  Remember, they love to help and they love to heal!

You will have all sorts of extra energy in the latter part of the month.  So make a list now of everything you want to get done.  You’ll be glad you did!

As the month comes to a close, the emotional stuff from the beginning of the month is just a fading memory.  Relationships are strong and close, probably much stronger than in the past.  Enjoy this!  Continue to focus on what is working!

With the extra energy you have during this time, be sure that your diet is balanced and that you are getting enough rest.

Make time to visualize and call in your favorite faerie friend.  Spend some quality time with him or her!

I hope that this message from the Fae helps guide you through the ups and downs of May!  Remember to say a special little thank you to our Fae Friends for the guidance, insight, and entertainment!

See you again next month, and keep the faith!

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