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By Melanie Harris

As daffodils brighten our days and the Earth’s fertility enters a new stage of maturation, May is full of joy, a time to celebrate vitality, love, union, and motherhood.  It’s a great month to revel in the pleasures of life and romance, to get a little closer to the people we love the most.  For caregivers, May offers an opportunity to examine and improve our mothering abilities, as Mother’s Day brings these virtues into focus.  Here are some Tarot activities that will connect you with the bright energies of this fifth month.

Tarot Talisman for Intimacy

If you would like to develop a stronger bond in a relationship, be it with a lover, friend, or family member, try this talisman.  Take the Two of Cups, and imagine sharing an intimate conversation with the person you’d like to feel closer to, really opening up to each other, feeling accepted, loved, trusted, and appreciated.  Send these feelings into the card.  Now, think about the issues that are blocking this intimacy.  Look at the card with these thoughts in mind, and blow hard on the card’s surface, imagining the negativity dissipating into the air.  Conjure once more the vision of closeness, touch the card to your forehead, and then hold the card against your heart.  Release a loving energy into the card, and the talisman is now ready to do its work.  Carry it with you whenever you expect to encounter the person, and the bond between the two of you will grow stronger.

Better Mama Tarot Layout

You don’t have to be a mama to benefit from this Tarot spread.  If there are people in your life whom it’s your duty to care for and protect, the Better Mama Tarot Layout can open your eyes to areas of your care giving that need improvement.  Mix your deck and ask yourself, “What do the people that I care for need from me that they’re not getting?”  Draw as many cards as you are ready to see.  Contemplate your choices honestly, and think of ways you can fill these important needs.  These issues can be difficult to dwell on, so focus on the positive actions you can take, and be confident that you can make any necessary changes.  End the layout on a happy note by thinking, “What do the people that I care for most appreciate about me?”  Draw a single card, and feel good about the joy you bring.

May Celebration Ritual

Use this ritual to celebrate the lifeforce and to feel truly a part of Nature’s dance.  Lay out the Ace of Cups.  Think about the Earth’s waters: the rivers, oceans, and lakes that sustain all life.  Beneath the Ace of Cups, lay out the Empress and the Emperor.  Think about how these two energies, the feminine and the masculine, the inward and outward, the Mystery and the Creation, combine within you and within Nature.  Envision these energies however you like.  Incorporate your own beliefs, and take the meditation as far as you can.  Now put these cards aside and lay out the Three of Cups.  Feel the joy in the world, and call up this energy within your own spirit.  Sing a song, dance a jig, whoop it up – go ahead, no one’s watching!  Loosen your shirt.  Toss your tie or your high heels into the closet.  Celebrate!

These May Tarot activities will put you in tune with yourself and with the Earth, bringing harmony and greater happiness.  Believe in the world’s goodness, believe in your own goodness, and a wonderful May will follow.  Enjoy!

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