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By Melanie Harris

With the sun at its apex and the shroud between the ethereal and earthly realms a mere wisp of psychic energy, the Summer Solstice gives Halloween a run for its money.  Midsummer, as the Solstice is called, this year on June 21st, is one of the very best days for divination.  Tarotists will find their readings unusually insightful, as this is a time when the invisible can be seen and the unspoken can be heard.  Traditionally, this night is a festival of fire, with all the powers of transformation and pure energy inherent in that brightest of elements.  The entire month of June is a time when dreams are nurtured into reality, a time when the seeds we have planted begin to come into visible fruition.  The opportunities brought with June and the Solstice can shower you with good fortune.  This month’s Tarot activities will help you manifest some real magic in your life.

June Talisman of Growing Opportunity

Use this talisman to nurture your ambitions and motivation into real life achievements.  Look at the Empress, and think about all the work you’ve done in the past few months and fantasize about the greatness you hope that work will manifest.  What do you want to ultimately achieve?  Where will the steps you’re taking now lead you?  Send these visions into the Empress as you touch her abdomen, “impregnating” her with your dreams, and carry the card with you this month knowing that your actions right now will be nurtured and born into the bounty you desire.

Tarot Layout of Summertime Power

This Tarot layout reveals hidden powers, skills, and talents you have that can be used to create an enjoyable and unforgettable summer.  Shuffle the cards as you think, “What gifts do I have hidden inside me?  Show me, and I’ll put them to good purpose.”  Once you feel the deck is properly shuffled, cut it in the traditional manner, using your left hand to drop the cards into three piles toward the left.  Pick them up in the order they were placed, so that the first stack dropped will be uppermost in the deck.  Turn over the top three cards.  These cards represent powers, skills, and talents that you are not yet using to their full potential.  Think about it, and then do so.

Summer Solstice Tarot Ritual

Use this ritual to give thanks to the sun as it is at the height of its power on the June 21st Solstice, the longest day of the year.  Hold the Sun card up to the sky and express your appreciation for the warmth and light, the food and life, that all depends on that bright celestial body.  Contemplate how after this day, the Earth on its tilted axis will reach the point in its orbit where the sun will shine more directly on the Southern Hemisphere.  Hold up the Empress card and visualize the harvest that will come, a harvest that is dependent on the sunshine.  Blow a kiss to the sun, or bid farewell for now in whatever way you like, as the days will begin to grow shorter as the sun descends in the sky after this day.  Know that at the Winter Solstice, the sun’s power will increase once more.  This ritual will bring good fortune, as the grateful are those who are most often blessed.

With these June Tarot exercises, you will connect with the hidden powers in yourself and in Nature, and you can use this knowledge to propel you toward your ultimate vision of success and happiness.  This month is truly magical, so take advantage.  Brightest wishes!  

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