July Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

Sometimes I wish my predictions were not quite so accurate.  When I suggested in April's Astroflash, that the entrance of asteroid Chiron into the sign of Pisces would bring all manner of water issues to the fore, that the use and abuse of our seas and rivers could become a major deal, I had no idea that the bp oil spill [I don't want to dignify them with capitol letters] would create a disaster of cataclysmic proportions.  I could not have imagined murderous flash floods in several states and yet the gusher in the Gulf occurred on the very day that Chiron went into Pisces! 

On Summer Solstice, Chiron, June 21, will be in a Grand Water Trine with the Sun and the Moon and my circle will be harnessing that energy in ritual with many others around the world. 

As I write this, the frogs outside my door break into a cacophony of croaks affirming the coming waters.

July 1, the Moon in Pisces will conjoin Chiron, in other words, make it more potent and amplified.  So, tie up your boats and don't forget the umbrellas as it's likely to be a pretty fluid situation. 

For a long time it will be all about the water, however the bp oil spill plays out and with Pluto in Capricorn, the end of the Plutocracy is near with the corporate criminals starting to be discovered with their pants down and their collective hands in the till.  With revolutionary Uranus in warlike Aries, the people from left to right will rise up and demand an end to the corporate take over of America.  These are the death throes of the Patriarchy and we will need to find good places to locate ourselves so that it doesn't fall on us!

The energies of Uranus and Jupiter are still doing the Siamese twin dance in martial Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn could turn up the heat in the Middle East drama even further with things getting white hot in both Iran and Israel.  We will appreciate Obama's cool head and diplomacy on these occasions while grumbling about his lack of heat and passionate response to the Gulf.  If he were a Gemini, we could hope to have it both ways but he is not.

Back to water world, July 11 offers a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in watery Cancer.  The day before the Eclipse, Pluto will be opposite the Moon, and Jupiter/Uranus will make a square, all challenging aspects which leads me to suspect that we could be in for some big unpredictable watery weather on July 10/11, or perhaps there will be some break in the bp oil spill or both!

Brilliant astrologer Eric Francis states,

"Eclipses are fulcrum events that concentrate both personal growth and the historical process. They define eras of time, but it's a little like getting propelled through a funnel and coming out in another dimension. Part of why they're so powerful is that they align several dimensions of space and time: in other words, they are multidimensional in a way that goes beyond what you ordinarily see in astrology."

Life as we know it is in the process of some powerful changes and the best way to prepare is to stay deeply grounded in the things, purpose and people that mean the most to you.

Saturn will re-enter Libra on July 21 and that will tighten up the T-square formed with Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto with Mars joining in on the 29th of the month.  Those of us with planets in early Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn will be feeling like we are in a pressure cooker and the heat as they say is on!  Again, this is a time of action and one need not be reckless yet we might jump impulsively to relieve the pressure and wind up out of the frying pan and into the fire.

July 25th is the Full Moon in Aquarius will sow us more clearly what our heart desires as well as our obstacles to attaining them.  On top of that July 26 features the FINAL exact opposition of Uranus and Saturn.  Once again creating a tug of war or seesaw between the establishment and the forces for change.  Because the planets are now in cardinal signs, the push and pull will feel more extreme.  The word on the street  to quote Jim Morrison will be "We want the world and we want it NOW"!  Later will just not get it anymore and the summer heat will see people in the street.

If you are in integrity and alignment with your highest aspirations you will find these times challenging, action packed and exhilarating. 

Conversely, if you have just been dragging your feet and or white knuckling the roller coaster of your so called life, its time to define your direction rather than letting it be defined for you.  Then, that direction will feel like the integration of your best visions for yourself.

I know that this all sounds hard and serious but we can have a great time if we throw off our inner chains and bust right into a new life and a new paradigm.  Trust me, there is ecstasy there.

These are times of action and real change and most of us like change like we like a root canal.  Shifting on a deep level can be fear producing and the powers that be daily shower us with as much horror and worst case scenarios as possible while lying about the really scary stuff.

Truth is harder and harder to find especially in the news and so in all cases, your best guidance comes from within, which can be screaming if you are used to over riding, or like the proverbial still small voice if you listen.

Trust your gut and open your Third Eye wide.  If not now, WHEN!!

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