July Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

You might have thought that June was hot but July will absolutely pop!

July 1 opens the cosmic portals with a bang as the last of 3 Eclipses shrouds the planet. This Solar Eclipse with the New Moon in Cancer involves some very challenging aspects to many planets, several of which are outer planets, Uranus and Pluto. A Grand Cross is  created by the Sun and Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto and squaring Uranus and Saturn. This can be quite explosive and it can also feel like planetary gridlock. Energies will be seeking release and emotions can run high leaving many who are more sensitive feeling over amped and overwhelmed. There may be all kinds of fire works for Independence Day.

Hm, Independence Day what an interesting concept. Will we all take the opportunity to shed and become independent of our chains, outmoded beliefs, or useless agreements? This should be an interesting show to watch both within ourselves and the World Stage, too. I have to say that I often wish for rain on the 4th so that the explosions of fireworks are less likely to be crashing around the neighborhood disturbing all the animal life making them feel like they are inside of a War Zone. Please consider this folks when you want to hurl firecrackers or other such things and just don't do it!

This collection of energies could signal some seismic upheavals and or political ones. Hopefully, we will not see more of the "rockets red glare or bombs bursting in air" and the tension could manifest more personally. I must say though that I do feel a rather explosive vibe but that could be because this configuration will affect my own chart.

On the positive side of things, Neptune's potentially soothing waters will be gentling the harsher energies and offering  spiritual opening as a good solution.

On the 2nd, Saturn will square the Sun and we might see another "fall from grace" by some seemingly important politician or public figure that has been hiding his slimy behavior with a cloak of family values or some other such distraction. Seems like we are due having just passed through the Spermonator, Weiner scandals, et al. 

Sweet Venus, the love planet, will have some interesting and challenging aspects on the 7th and 8th so be prepared for some surprises or be proactive and create some. This is a good time to take a risk and court the unusual as Uranus will square Venus. By the 8th, Pluto will oppose Venus bringing forth a more compelling intense energy to love affairs and or a compelling relationship with a person who suddenly comes into your life. Saturn will tend to create more stability and or throw a wet blanket on your abandon on the 12th when it squares Venus.

Irreverent prankster Uranus will pause in its rebellious tracks going stationary retrograde on the 8th and that should tend to slow down some of the more chaotic energies as we start to feel that square between Uranus and Pluto closing in. It will be close but not exact for awhile yet so you can count on tasting the flavor of the rumble and hum of it all.

Fortunately, we will have more time to prepare for those major shifts in consciousness and the planet. Change is the name of the game and it is far better to go dancing than kicking and screaming , either way, we're all going to experience profound changes and some may be fantastic!

Please understand that we are all careening on emotional and physical white water and the demands that these energetic shifts create are hard on the emotions and the body. Don't let fear and anxiety get the better of you as it is not real and mostly manufactured by a dying culture that is in the process of getting a major over haul!

Things do feel more precarious because they are, so do surround yourself with like-minded others who share your values and create community to support yourselves as the winds of change blow and the sands of time shift beneath your feet. There is a deeper solid place within that can ground you and give you solace.

The Full Moon in Capricorn around 4 am EST on the 15th follows through with some of the energies present in the last 3 Eclipses creating what is known as a quickening where thought and manifestation come together much more quickly than before. It will become much easier to manifest anything so one will do well to be mindful so that you manifest only what you really want. Your experiences, conversely, will reveal what you are thinking. This is a magnificent opportunity to create all that you need as it is not beyond you at all.

If you are in need of Nurturance and you are feeling estranged from Spirit, you can create your perfect Spiritual Mother (or Goddess). You can visualize her by giving her all the qualities that you are wanting and needing and then imagine a silver umbilicus coming down to meet your navel and allow yourself to make that connection. She will and can flood you with all the cosmic milk that you need. Her love is infinite and you never need to disconnect-- just check in now and again as needed.

You can do this exercise ion the tub, lake visualizing the Moon on the water for more atmosphere and relaxation or in your chair or bed. This is the short version of my Astrological Visualization for Cancers in my soon to be released astrology book, Flash Silvermoon's Planetary Playbook where there is a much longer version of this and 11 other guided journeys which, when finished, will include these journeys backed by my evocative multi-keyboard space music.

Now that you have another tool in your skill set for relaxation and healing, we can continue with the rest of this fascinating month.

By the end of July, I believe that we will feel the relief one experiences at the end of a long roller coaster ride. Some will shake their head and make their way to the hot dogs and cotton candy while the thrill seekers will buy another ticket.

I encourage those who live on the coasts or near fault lines to keep your head to the ground and keep a handle on the weather. This is not a time to assume anything and please be prepared with the things that you always need. This goes without saying as we enter hurricane season here in Florida. I am not predicting bad storms here per se, however, this year we will have lots of magnetic shifts, solar flares, comets, and of course, one never knows when H.A.R.P will produce weather wars.

All that being said, I am not a gloom and doomer and deeply believe in the power of enlightened and well informed spiritual people to connect and network with all the wise and ancient ones from all cultures to create the magnificent uplifting vibration that will be needed to more gently make the shift that is in play. We all can be part of this and it behooves us to join like-minded others of positive energy and vision to fulfill the prophecies of a truly New World that is possible.

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