Art Through the Starstream Oracle

Review by Terri Clement

ATS52 box

Art Through the Starstream Oracle
By Cheryl Yambrach Rose

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

ISBN-13: 978-1-57281-795-1
ISBN-10: 1-57281-795
Retail: U.S. $24.95

Cheryl Yambrach Rose created Art Through the StarStream Oracle based on experiences she has had at sacred sites and other realms. She calls this “Neo-Mythic Art.” This set is designed for those looking to make a cosmic connection with Divine entities, mythic beings and star family.

Though many magical sites are depicted in deck, the artist/author seems to have a very deep attachment to Mt. Shasta and Shastina in Northern California, Glastonbury and Avalon. She uses these correspondence in several of the images through out the deck and guidebook.

This set contains a 52 card deck and 114 page small illustrated, paperback guidebook. The box features the image from the deck “Avalon Starstream Oracle,” the Lady of Avalon.” The deck and book are housed in a two part box with a lift off top, sealed in plastic. The deck is held with a plastic sleeve.

The images are printed on a flexible card stock, with a shiny laminate. The cards are oversized, measuring in at 3 1/2” wide x 6” tall. There was a heavy inky smell upon opening the box.

The cards have a ornate gold 1/4” boarded on the card face. There is a banner across the bottom inch of the card. The cards are numbered in a circle in the bottom center with the title and a key phrase. You will notice some female nudity.

The deck has beautifully gilded edges. The card backs are not reversible friendly. The backs feature a red-headed woman with a moss headband. She is the Goddess Avnova, also called Abnoba in the Black Forest of Germany. She appears to be watching over the river and it’s creatures. There are otters on either side in the foreground. There is a cave and waterfalls in the background. There is a branch in the upper right corner with a bee hive hanging from it. She is the protector of the ecology of rivers and creatures.


The Rebirth of the Green Man - #5 – Wake the Divine Masculine

The face of a blue eyed man with curly, sandy brown hair is pictured behind a green and blue leaf mask. This image seems to float in front of stone work.

The guidebook says - “Breathe life into the cold heart of the patriarchal society.” The author reminds us that it is to balance Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Telos – #22 -The Portal is Open


A blonde woman in a white vail stands with her back to a snowy mountain. Behind her is a large, dark cave opening. Almost too small to notice in the foreground, lower right side of the card is a sand timer.

The guide book expands to say - “Ask permission to enter. Leave all negative fears behind and go inside. It is time to learn more than you have gained from living in the 3D life school.” It is said that under Mt. Shasta in North California that there is a crystalline city and that it was the home of the former habitants of the Pacific Continent of Lemuria.


Silbury Stargate - #29 – Think Outside the Flock

Silbury Hill sits in the background, three sheep are grazing in the field. Three spaceships are floating in the sky. Inside of a dark blue oval in the center of the card there is a star filled sky a partial face (eyes, eyebrows, and forehead) is emerging from the stars.

The guidebook tells us that we are not alone in the universe and to not be afraid of ridicule when sharing this information with others.

The guidebook contains five unique spreads. The author recommends creating an Oracle Circle, by bringing together a group of people interested in interacting with the cards. She also recommends using with sister deck Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle, creating a much larger oracle. You will also find black and white small images of each card and for many cards, a photograph that may have served as an inspiration for the image. The author has included many accounts of human contact with beings not of this planet.

With the key phrases printed on the cards, this deck can easily be used right out of the box, without any study what-so-ever. This deck would also be fantastic for a daily inspirational draw. It could also be used as a stepping stone to study some of these sacred places and learn the legends and magic.

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