Journey to the Channeled Extraterrestrial Message Cards

By Cassandra Vanzant

I am a psychic, medium, and channel. My psychic abilities and tarot readings began in the early 90’s. Everybody has their reasons for their interest in the metaphysical and mine was brought about a few years prior when I had my near-death experience; I was compelled to seek out the reason for my coming back when I remember so wanting to stay on the other side. 

First allow me to share a little of my NDE experience and then you will know better the reason for the extraterrestrial cards. When my spirit left my body, and before I reached the God I was looking for, I was pulled to the side by a person who called himself my spirit guide. This male figure asked if I would step into a room for a moment because there were others who wished to speak to me. I obliged and upon entering my spirit guide gave me a message, then my angel, and then my extraterrestrial. To this day, I cannot recall the specific messages, but I remember thanking them and then was on my way to find my God. I reached the bright light, but instead of being greeted by what I had been conditioned to think of God, (an old man seated on a throne), I was instead drawn into the white light God Source energy, and proceeded to have a conversation with God. The only thing I remember of this conversation was when I can only suspect I asked if I could stay and was told, “Not yet.”

Back in my body, and while recovering from my substantial injuries, I couldn’t push back the resentment I felt for being sent back to this earth plane. I questioned why did I come back and when no answers came my way, I began seeking. That road led me to the tarot where I learned from the cards about myself, and all-the-while, developing the psychic abilities that come with reading the tarot. I telepathically spoke daily to my spirit guide and angels – not realizing I had come back with the this ability that I gained while in the other-dimensional state. This telepathic communication was natural to me and I did not think twice about the exchange. Over the years, I listened, spoke to, and asked questions of, my spirit guides and angels. Also, when praying out loud, I would speak and sing in a different language.


I learned the tarot more and gave readings to others. I did not consider myself a “channel” nor did I really know what this was, I simply used the tarot to deliver the messages and more. 

I continued with my readings and telepathic communications but primarily with my spirit guides and angels. Then in 2010, I attended a UFO convention. I met a wonderful woman there and purchased a sculpture she had made of an E.T. The night I brought this home, was the night I was re-introduced to the extraterrestrials that I had encountered in my near-death. In a dream state I was given flashes of pictures of past, present, and future events and told I would remember these when the time was right. 


In August of 2012, I was asked by the E.T.s to draw their images. I did so and the first image is of the Alatar. I found myself drawing up to five of these different races a day and when I showed this to others, they were drawn to receive their own star family’s image. So for two years I channeled different Beings and gave readings to open people up to their star beings. In the beginning of 2014, I was asked to place select images in a card form with messages from each race that would uplift and help the person who was looking deeper for answers. I created this deck of 37 images, tarot card size, (2.75 x 4.75), on premium quality card stock. Each card has a unique E.T. portrait, with the name of the race or scene, and a message for the seeker. The back of the cards has the Alatar picture with, Cassandra Vanzant, the E.T. Communicator, Channeled Extraterrestrial Message Cards, written. I find I can use these cards with other message or tarot cards and also you can use the same common spreads as in the tarot. They are inside a white, “window box” with the Alatar card showing. There is also plenty of room within for another small deck of cards or a small notebook to track your messages.  

I tried as hard as I could to create a little booklet to include with the card deck, but was blocked at every turn which was my cue to try something else. That is when I was led to instead, to make the booklet into a book: Messages from the Extraterrestrial Cards; this book is a more in-depth addition of the different races in the high-vibrational card deck. The book is 51 pages with room for notes and has all 37 card images in color. Have fun flipping through the pages of the book or cards, or both, to intuitively choose an E.T.  message that is specifically meant for you.

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