Botanical Inspirations

Review by Terri Clement


By Lynn Araujo
Artwork by Pierre-Joseph Redouté

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

ISBN-10: 1-57281-855-7
Retail US: $22.95

Released 2017

The beautiful and insightful Botanical Inspirations oracle deck and book set by Lynn Araujo is inspired by vintage botanical art; the likes of which you might see on antique seed packages. This lovely set is housed in a colorful rigid style box that reminds me of a box one might receive with a wonderful gift inside; which this set appears to be. Attention has been paid to every detail with this set. The top of the box is covered with flowers from the Victorian era, the bottom of the box is a calming sea foam green with matching ribbon pull tabs. Inside the box is the 100 page, black, and white illustrated companion guidebook, the 44 card oracle deck, a sea foam green organza drawstring bag and a fold out that will help one learn the Secret Language of Flowers. It really is a delightful set.


Scan 1

The cards measure 2 3/4” wide x 4 1/2” tall. The cards individually are quite flexible with crisp, almost sharp edges to the cards. The deck as a whole is a bit stiff and as a new deck, it is a bit of a challenge to shuffle; it riffles well but does not bridge easily. These little issues should resolve themselves easily with use. It does fan quite nicely. The cards backs are simple but elegant and lend nicely to the overall package.

In Victorian England, it was common for a man to bring a bouquet to the woman he was courting. His choice of flowers would be significant; each flower has its own meaning and message. Those meanings, the Secret Language of Flowers, can still provide us with insightful and inspirational messages today. 

Scan 2

The Anemone brings the message of anticipation. This flowers name means "Daughter of the Wind." The Anemone means when everyone else is down and out, the Daughter of the Wind eagerly waits for change and anticipates the challenge. 

Scan 3

Scan 4

The Daffodil means rebirth and new beginnings. In the Victorian Language of Flowers, the Daffodil means "high regard" and "chivalry." The message means it's time to step out of your comfort zone, hold yourself in high regard, and expect others to do the same.

 Lilac speaks of the emotions of first love. Just as lilacs don't last long, that feeling of first love will not last forever. Nurture that love and watch it grow and evolve. There is an extra card with the deck containing information about the illustrator, that was a class move. Way to go Lynn and U.S. Games! 

The companion guidebook measures the same size as the deck and is packed with fabulous information about the messages that these Victorian flowers want to share with us. The guidebook is fully illustrated and for each flower, you will find its common and scientific name, the symbolism of each, a quote, and an inspirational message. In the back of the book, there is an original 3 card spread, along with reading samples. 

The Botanical Inspirations oracle can be comfortably used by beginners all the way through professional level. While this set is the ideal size to throw in your tote bag or backpack, the set will also make a wonderful gift for the gardener, the friend who is into vintage floral art or even someone who would like to ease their way into cartomancy.


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