Editors' Reflections

by Sheri Harshberger

The fall is time for reflection - reflection over the past year's events. Some of them may have been difficulties, some may have been blessings.  Despite it all, we persevere. We have been so busy here the past few weeks putting together an October issue of Tarot Reflections that we hope you will enjoy.  One of the commitments my staff and I have made is to produce Tarot Reflections on a regular basis filled with features and information that you will find entertaining and useful.  We wish to share our love of Tarot and reading cards, palms, stars, or other oracles with everyone.  We want you to share, too. Please contact us with any comments, suggestions or submissions to sheriharshberger@mac.com.  We want Tarot Reflections to be a reflection of us all.

Your Reflections

compiled by Melanie Harris

"Using the Tarot is very relaxing for me.  When I'm stressed, just looking through my deck calms me down."  -Ashley Plitt, Oregon

"Personally, I don't like the contemporary Tarot decks.  I don't think they're as accurate as a traditional deck.  Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, though.  My girlfriend has a cat Tarot she uses, and I don't like it, but she says it works better for her than the Rider-Waite deck."  -Jesus Garcia, California

"I collect Tarot decks, and I have about ten different sets.  My husband thinks I'm crazy for having so many, but I think it's interesting to see the different styles that artists use to recreate the Tarot."  -Ananda Stevenson, Colorado

"I think The Tower card is often misinterpreted.  I don't think it always means imminent breakdown and disaster.  To me, it shows an escape, that a bad situation has been avoided, or can be avoided."  -Chris Lee, Georgia

"I just got my first Tarot deck, and I can't believe all the stuff there is to learn!  I had no idea that the Tarot is used for so many things.  I knew it was used for fortune-telling, but I read it can be used for other things like meditation and charms.  I still have a lot to learn, but I'm looking forward to it!"  -Brenda Nelson, Pennsylvania

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