Tarot for Today 

by Melanie Harris
Ah, October!  The leaves and the air are growing crisp, and the thrill of Halloween is etched on every craggy tree and ripe pumpkin.  We fortune-tellers and Tarot enthusiasts are in our element during this mystical month, and our psychic powers are at their height.  October is a time of psychism, spirituality, and communication between the astral world and the physical world, making the month ideal for divination and magic in all its forms.  It's also a great time to shed negativity and purify our spirits, just as the Oaks begin to shed their golden-brown leaves in preparation for winter.  October is well suited for introspection, casting aside the unnecessary or baneful, and gathering energy to fortify our personal power.  The end of the month is widely associated with death, and it's an established practice in many places to honor the spirits of dead friends and ancestors at this time.  It's an exciting and fortunate month for the mystically minded, so get your head out of the cobwebs, grab your cards, and plunge into the intrigue and mystery of October.  Here are some uncommon ways to use the Tarot for a spiritually enlightening and spooky haunting season.

Let it Go Tarot Talisman 
If you're ready to conquer that bad habit or clear out those skeletons in your closet, take advantage of October's purifying energies and act now with the help of the Let it Go Tarot talisman.  The charm has the power to purify your spirit, soaking up negative energy that you wish to cast aside.  

To make the talisman, choose the card you believe is best suited to your purpose and empower it to absorb the bad energy that is confining your spirit.  The Moon card is a good choice, as lunar energies can absorb and neutralize negativity.  A less obvious selection is the Two of Swords, with its subtle symbolism of introspection and concealment.  Take the card in your hands and ask it to absorb the emotions and habits you want to be rid of, knowing that your spirit is ready to be purified and strengthened.  Carry the card with you for about a week, and then wipe it with a dry cloth to clean its energies.  Discard the cloth, return the card to your deck, and be confident in your power to move forward into a happier and healthier existence. 

October Ritual to Honor the Dead  
This October ritual is a simple way to pay your respects to deceased loved ones.  As with all forms of spirit communication, take measures to protect yourself from unwanted forces before you begin.  A simple prayer, or an affirmation that only friendly spirits can join in your ritual, will suffice.  Choose a Tarot card to represent the person you wish to remember and honor, and lay it beside a card to signify yourself.  Ask the spirit of the deceased to join you.  Think of the person and speak to them in your own words.  Spend a few moments in silence so that you may receive messages from the spirit.  Take the Ace of Cups Tarot card and lay it between the card symbolizing your deceased friend and the card representing yourself.  Say some words in honor of the spirit such as, "A toast to you, friend.  I honor you!  You will be remembered, until again we meet."  The ritual complete, you can leave the cards out for a day or two, or return them to your deck straight away.

October Tarot Spread of Preparation
A safe and enjoyable winter requires planning and foresight, and this October, you can check your winter readiness with the Tarot Spread of Preparation.  Mix the cards and lay out two horizontal rows of three cards each, the second row placed above the first.  The bottom row represents the preparations you still need to make, the first card showing what needs to be done within your home and family, the second card standing for preparations in your business or professional life, and the third card signifying the preparations necessary to fortify your spirit.  The top row of cards shows sources of help and energy that can support and speed along your preparation efforts.  Interpret the cards according to tradition or intuition, and you will learn where to focus your energy this month in order to get ready for the approaching winter.

With these Tarot activities, you can put October's psychic energies to good use, purifying your spirit, honoring the dead, and gathering strength in preparation for winter.  We hope these ideas inspire you to think up your own creative ways to use the Tarot this month.  Have a magical October! 
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