Oracle of the Dragonfae


By Terri C.

43-card Oracle Deck and 164-page companion book, Magickal Guidebook by Lucy Cavendish

Published by Blue Angel Gallery, Australia 

ISBN:  978-0-9803983-4-2

”In a not so far away past… we worked, loved and lived with all of the elemental beings.” -Excerpt from The Magickal Guidebook

When you open the box of this deck and book set, you will find yourself, instantly being greeted by a deck of forty-three incredibly magical beings.  You can almost feel the elemental strength and protection surround you as you flip through the cards.  You will find the beauty of the Faerie Realm combined with the strength of the Dragon.

The artwork for The Oracle of the Dragonfae deck, is that of seven different artists.  There is a small bio about each one of the artists in the back of the Guidebook.  The artists use of color in the artwork is brilliant, bold and well thought out, creating very powerful imagery.

The author of The Oracle of the Dragonfae is also the author of The Oracle Tarot, Magical Spell Cards, and White Magic, which are all published by Hay House.  Lucy describes herself as a “book witch”, she adores writing, reading and creating enchanted workshops.  She currently lives in Australia with her daughter.

The deck is a bit taller and wider than standard, is of a quality cardstock, with medium to heavy lamination.  The cards are numbered, at the top, from one to forty-three.  Each card holds the name of the Dragonfae and a keyword or phrase, at the bottom.  Narrow borders give plenty of room for the artwork.  The backs of the cards are beautifully done, with green dragons and but are not reversal friendly.  

This deck would feel comfortable in the hands of the young, novice to advanced, professional reader.  This set would also make a nice gift for the Faerie and Dragon friendly folk.

The one hundred sixty four page, paperback, Magickal Guidebook shows a small black and white copy of each card and details each card.  You will find a message from each Dragonfae, information about each one, the Divinatory Meaning and how to work with the energy of each Dragonfae.  

The Guidebook also includes information on handling the cards, from shuffling, reading methods, Dragonfae truths, myths and how to communicate with them.  It also includes two spreads, from an effective three card spread to a larger, more in-depth eleven card spread.  The author also encourages using other spreads.

Upon further exploration you will find that these elementals are much more than they appear.  They have been designed to help us heal ourselves, others and save our planet.  They encourage you to see the magic in the world around you, every day!  Even though this deck is very beautiful, this is not a fluffy faerie deck.  Be prepared to do some soul searching, when using this oracle.

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