PookieCat Cat-Rot

Tarot cards for incredibly happy people or people who love cats...”
Review by Terri Clement

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80 card deck (Pookies World, 2014)
by Maria van Bruggen

Retail: U.S. $35
st Edition Released 2016

Divination meet PookieCat – PookieCat meet Tarot. This is a fantastically happy little deck.

Pookie is a cheeky orange cat with a personality similar to Simon's Cat. There are also many of Pookies friends throughout the deck, birds, mice, butterflies, and hedgehogs to name a few. The cards are mostly associated with Rider-Waite-Smith traditional meanings. There is a .pdf file of definitions available for download.

The deck arrives sealed in plastic with a cute sticker that says “Made With Love,” along with a pretty little orange organza bag.

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Only the Fool is numbered in the Major Arcana. The suits are Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups. The courts are Page, Knight, Queen, and King. The 2 extra cards are The King of Kings and Secret Card which is autographed.

The cards measure 2 1/5” wide by 3 1/2” tall. The images are printed on a thick cardstock which makes the deck thicker than normal but the deck riffle-bridge shuffles and fans well. The laminate only has a light shine.

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The images have a sky blue narrow border all the way around, with the bottom banner measuring in at approximately 1/4". This is where you will find the title of the card. The card backs are not reversible friendly that looks like a blue sky with clouds making up kitty footprints, a simple what image of Pookie and the PookieCat Logo at the bottom center.

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The images are bright, some are even a bit sassy, all are definitely designed to put a smile on your face. Yes, even the Tower is a cute image with a masked PookieCat and friend sitting on top of a house against a starry night sky. 

This is a fun little deck that can provide loads of laughs but can also give adventurous readings at the same time. PookieCat Cat-Rot cards can be used easily by a beginner all the way through the professional and would make a great gift for the kitty lovers everywhere.

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