Happy Halloween/Samhain!

It's that time of year!  A time of tricks and treats!  Speaking of treats, let's announce the winner of the October Contest!   The answer was the Chariot from the Halloween Tarot!  We want to make sure that the winner has his or her deck choice in time for all the Halloween parties! 

Congratulations, Padraig Faran of Dublin, Ireland!

You definitely want to play the contest in this special supplement to Tarot Reflections!  We have a really fantastic TREAT for a lucky contest winner... 

More great treats in the world of Tarot, too!  I was alerted to a couple of articles in which Tarot readers are likened to therapists.  We've come a long way, baby!  The first story is by a reporter who seeks out and has his first reading.  It starts out as if its going to be a stereotypical fortune teller story, but ends nicely.  Read the article here ->

The next article is about a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania couple that work together to give joint readings to clients as Tarot therapists.  Read the article here ->

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