Tarot and the Ending of the Mayan Calendar

By Donnaleigh de LaRose


Are you one of the people being asked in your readings, "What will happen on December 21, 2012, the day the Mayan calendar ends?" Do you worry? 

Have you heard the psychics predict what will happen? I've heard everything from an overweight asteroid hitting the planet Earth, to a natural cataclysmic catastrophe of epidemic proportions, to the onset of another major world war, to the ending of electricity, to Jesus returning to call on the chosen few.  

The fear factor is being further compounded by next month's upcoming movie, 2012, due out just a year from the expected "catastrophe date." We can always trust the media to hoist hype.

To all the psychics who have predicted asteroids, absence of rain, and earth death, the unfounded claims that have scared our children and adults - I say, "Shame on you!"  My son's friend doesn't want to do his homework anymore. After all, why? He's convinced he'll be dead by 14 anyhow, so what's the point? Why dream?

I'm with those that say we are already experiencing any shift that would possibly be happening, that it will be just another Y2K, coming and going, with more time wasted worrying about it than it is ever due.

In a recent interview published by the Associated Press, Mayans were asked how they feel about the 2012 doomsday prophecies. Interviewees reported they have no worries about the end of the world, and feel that the fear of a major catastrophe in 2012 is a creation of the Western world trying to interpret something they don't understand. See what the Mayans really feel about 12/21/12: http://tinyurl.com/mayan-calendar (No, it won't indicate the end of the earth, and the Mayans are sick of being asked about it.)

And please show this article to your children.  The world needs hope and love, and the ability to dream. Not to build bigger bomb shelters and buy enough canned goods to last twenty years. Not to build bigger nuclear warheads, and not to create plans of where we want to be on the fated evening of 2012 so that we are with our loved ones when the "event" happens. There's enough Prozac to go around already. Let's open the lines to hope and dreams.

To those who claim that the sun will be perfectly aligned in the center of the Milky Way on that "fateful" day, astronomers say, "Poo!" No, it won't be perfectly aligned at all at any time in 2012, and even if it were, the power of those distant stars have no bearing on our planet that could cause destruction.  

It is just as Franklin D. Roosevelt said at his first Inaugural Address: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." And we are good at creating fear in our lives when there is no reason for it. The media feeds off this and creates more hype where we seek it, as this is where people gravitate to, to feed the fear.

I am asking tarot what it has to share with us about this date, 12/21/2012. Tarot gave me three cards of wisdom, and for those who read reversals, yes -- these three cards all arrived upright and quite healthy. 

The Fool             Queen of Cups         King of Wands


The Fool: Don't consider this an ending. This is a beginning as good as any. The Fool is the perfect card for dreaming with the naiveté of not worrying about "what might be." We just jump off the cliff of hope with our dreams and trust that we will fly. The dog in this card follows The Fool...so always remember that the children will look up to you and follow your example. Keep those dreams in your bag and always treat each day like it is a shiny new start full of hope and possibility.

And Tarot made me laugh with its usual sense of humor. Yes, we truly have been fools! 

Queen of Cups: Self-nurture. Create thoughts of love, not of destruction. Be the mother of the earth, not the Grim Reaper. And mother the children with deep kindness and not fear. Use the wisdom of your love to create trust and hope, not thoughts of fear. There are no swords in this card, which would have indicated worries, fears and things to be warned would come. This is of love and growth, and as Mary K. Greer said, of channeling our feelings, emotions, dreams, and visions. There is a lot of love in the Queen of Cups card. Hang onto your hearts, folks, for this is going to be good!

King of Wands: Manifest! Create your fullest dreams! Manage them well and in stable ways. Be yourself. This is the theatrical, showy, flamboyant king in the group, and he loves to show all he's got, not wither beneath stones to wait for the apocalypse. No, this one is benevolent, exciting, creative, and ready to self-create with wonderful management of his dreams. 

So I then asked Tarot for advice. The first card jumped out of the deck. The second was pulled randomly.

         Page of Coins                Two of Swords, reversed


Page of Coins: Be practical and continue to be a student of life, seeking knowledge and having goals. This is my "vision quest" card, where we look carefully within to study our biggest aspirations and dreams and to head in that direction. Janina Renee says that, used as advice, "The Pentacles suit is connected to Earth, so the appearance of this card may also advise you to reeducate your senses." It could not have been said better, as the world fears for our Earth with the arrival of 12/21/12, and let's re-educate ourselves and what we are telling ourselves as well as our children.

Two of Swords, reversed: Ah, our only reversed card, and the only one containing swords, which are thoughts and worries and things of the mind. This card reversed speaks of putting one of our swords down, and dropping those worries that it carries. Know that we've been betrayed by our society, reverse this trend! Create peace from within by the decision to lay down your worries and use better communication skills to speak with truth and kindness. Use energy that releases those swords/thoughts, rather than one of gathering more worries and thoughts. "Let it go." 

Again, Janina Rene offers wonderful words of advice for the reversed Two of Swords. She wrote, "Don't take sides. There is a fundamental wrongness on the part of other people who try to put you into a position in the first place."

Amen, Janina.

And with this, I again bless the wisdom of tarot and hope that each of you find fiery movement in your life, because tarot then sends us off with a beautiful 8 of Wands, one of fast movement, dreams, heading straight toward your future, and taking great flight with powerful energy of movement and action. Take flight, hit the mark, and dream big!

8 of Wands


There are no painful 10 of Swords hitting us from behind, there is no Death card kissing us with some Great Change, and there is no 5 of Swords to speak of great battles and no-win situations. These cards are all quite auspicious.

Thank you, tarot.

May you live to your fullest potential, love to your highest ability, and become all that you wish to be. Let's party on 12/21/2012 for the continuation of life and to erase worry and stoke the fires of our dreams!

Wishing you a life of self-actualization and magnificent manifestation of your dreams.

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