Tarot and the Kabbalah: Lesson 4

By Gary Meister

In case you’ve just joined us, this is a course with four objectives:

    1. Another easy way to read the Tarot.
    2. An introduction to the Kabbalah and how Tarot is believed to correspond to it.
    3. An introduction to an esoteric philosophy of creation and life as taught by many both ancient and modern mystery schools and, again, how it relates to Tarot.
    4. Introducing a unique way to read the "pip cards" of the Minor Arcana which requires nearly no memorization at all and exercises your "Intuition Muscles." (If you learn the names and meanings of the ten spheres, you automatically know the meaning of the Minor Arcana card relative to it.)

We are doing this by assigning appropriate cards to the various parts of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. So far, we have looked at the Minor Arcana (Minor “Secrets”) cards 1 through 7. This time, we will begin with the Number 8.

A quick reminder—we are following the process of creation from its very beginning (Awareness) through to its final Manifestation. We will do this twice—once hitting only its “headline” points with the Minor Arcana cards, and ending with the Major 22 Paths as represented by the Major Arcana cards.

Again—if you have just joined us, the previous lessons can be found by clicking on them in the right column of this page.

Okay—on to Number eight. I’m assigning the eights to the sphere Splendor which, for the purposes of this course, is co-entitled “Intellect”.

In the process of universal creation, the Great Creator, having been “Victorious” in building a “workable universe” from the power of Universal Mind, now went on to add the one thing now needed to create “His” companions. This “great need” is “Intellect”. If man is to be the “co-creator” of the Creator’s universe, the Infinite must share Its intelligence with him. (Remember, each thing the Creator God builds is built from the very “material” that is God, Him/Her Self. There is nothing else to work with!) So now, the spirit of man becomes intelligent. (He must be “spirit;” nothing material has been created yet.) So, intelligence, or intellect, is given to the creation.

If I am to create something—a business, an article, a lesson for a course, anything—once I bring it through all the previous steps, from the Awareness that I could do it, through the Intention to do it and the Belief that I can do it, through developing a Love for the project, to setting up the Rules by which it will come about, through the Beauty / Harmony of seeing it fall into place and, finally, to the feeling of Victory as I see it beginning to fall into place, I now have to think about it, to use my Intellect to bring about the actual creation. Universal Mind used Intellect to create and so must we. So—we use our Intellect.

A baby learns to walk just for the sake of walking. S/he sees older people walk so s/he wants to do it too. But, once the feat is accomplished, it serves no purpose in the child’s life until s/he uses her/his Intellect to connect the skill to things s/he can do with it. Walking can help us accomplish a lot of things. But, first, there is always a time of making connections, using the Intellect!

In a reading, if you draw an Eight, it means one needs to use their Intellect—to think about—whatever the element of the suit represents.

If you draw an Eight of Pentacles, for instance, it may be important for the client (or you) to really think about what’s going on with your finances or material possessions (Pentacles=Earth=financial and material things) at this time. 

The Eight of Swords (Air) might indicate that you or the client should keep track of the way they are thinking or their attitudes. Remember, we create our own reality with the way we think and believe. If we tend to think in a negative way, or worry too much, we will be creating a negative future for ourselves.

Using the examples above, how would you read the Eight of Cups? How about the Eight of Wands? Think about it. Try it out. Then write it in your Tarot Notebook, and speak it as you write it.

Now: being able to use the intellect—to think about what we are creating—it is important to recognize how we feel about it! Moving on to Sphere Nine, Foundation, our Emotions (Feelings) are the Foundation upon which we build our final product—the finished creation. In using the emotions in our creative process, we can greatly amplify the positive thought patterns with strong positive Feelings about it. 

The subconscious mind knows no time; to it, all is NOW!  It creates for us that which we tell it through our thoughts and emotions, and also through the words it hears us speak. Use affirmations to keep your words positive. Make up your own affirmations and keep them completely positive and in the NOW. As an example: 

“I am happy, healthy and materially comfortable! My world is always what I want it to be! And so it is!” The more you repeat your affirmation, the better it will work. Especially use it when you catch yourself worrying about something.

If we are feeding the subconscious positive thoughts, images, affirmations and we are feeling the good, as if it is here right now, our subconscious immediately goes to work and begins creating it. That’s the major Law of the Universe, the Law of Attraction. 

Taken from the Top, the whole universe is held together with this Law; in this case, we call it the Law of Gravity, the Attraction all the heavenly bodies have for one another. That’s the Law that Divinity used to build the greater universe. 

He used the Law of Attraction on His smaller creations as well. All of the animal kingdom (Humanity included) procreates and renews itself because of this Law of Attraction. Just think… if the male and female of every species didn’t attract one another, how long would they last? Universal Mind would have to keep creating them, over and over and over again. So—He created the Law of Attraction and put procreation on automatic pilot, so to speak.

And we use this Law in creating our reality as well. A caution here: worry is the one thing that can keep us down, keeps us from creating what we really want. The subconscious hears the conscious mind, sees its pictures, and feels its feelings. It responds to whatever is given to it most often and felt most strongly. If you have a habit of either being cynical or of worrying about the future, do everything you can to break that habit. It can undo everything you do with your positive thinking.

You are the reader here—how would you use this information in a reading? Look at the cards, read the material, check your keywords and give it a whirl.

How about the Nine of Cups? See how long you can talk about the keyword and the meaning behind it. In doing that, you’ll be surprised at how much can come to you psychically. When you have random thoughts—say them out loud. Most usually, they contain intuitional insight to the card or the client you are reading.

Okay: Thanks for joining me today. I hope you found this lesson useful to you. See you next time!  Have a great month!

Bright Blessings ~ Gary Meister, CTM

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