Spread of the Month

This month we have two fantastic spreads for you to try. These can easily be used for Tarot, Lenormand, and even the Kipper.

The Ladder
By Tabitha Chamberlain
Based on The Ladder Spread in The Lenormand Oracle Handbook, by Caitlin Matthews.

This particluar spread is read first across, then down.

Ladder Spread

How things appear to be

What isn’t being seen

How things really are

Left column - History of the situation - what has lead up to this point
Right column - What steps or actions to take

Count Your Blessings
By Allan Ritchie

Count Blessings

1. Every Day Blessing - What enriches your life on a daily basis
2. Great Blessing - What has empowered you to be who you are
3. Hidden Blessing - What blessing are you over looking or what challenge is a blessing in disguise
4. Blessing to come - What blessing is coming to you

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