From Fool to Magician

From Fool to Magician: Are you evolving?
By Suzanne Suchan

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Card Images from Radiant Rider-Waite-Smith recolored by Virginjus Poshkus published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

Did you launch something new in October?  October brought a special energy, nudging us to act upon the knowledge or experience we consciously became aware of having. With this, we evolve.

The Fool tarot card shows our carefree selves, with a sack at the end of a stick, carried over the shoulder that we don’t bother looking at or thinking about. 

The sack contains resources and tools, and the stick is our staff.  

When the Fool finally opens the sack, it will provide new information, enabling him to evolve into the Magician. 

The Magician sees with a more educated approach, perspective, and mindset based on the tools in the sack, and experience gained during the span of living as the innocent, unassuming fool.

The Magician applies what he knows.  He brainstorms; and builds upon wonderful ideas and concepts, a path in a realistic, materialistic world.  He lays out a plan and makes things happen!

Hopefully, over the last month or so, you have been able to step into fresh new terrain based on realized knowledge.   Apply this new concept, idea, approach or venture you have.  Implement! Launch that business, sign up for that class, go on that trip, ask for that promotion, step out into your own!

Take the training wheels off!

We all have all of the “cards” in our lives, just like we all have all the astrological signs and aspects in our lives.  We have different amounts of everything, our own individual recipe, based upon where everything was in the sky as we took our first breath. Isn’t it fascinating?

The wonderful thing about this life is we can make adjustments;  there is always room for improvement, no matter what.  We must learn from everything we do. What works, we learn. What doesn’t work, we learn. Always be in learning mode. You will gain so much more life satisfaction with this perspective!

It’s exciting to learn and improve.  Be appreciative that you have the capacity to learn more and more and more… with every lesson, you evolve further.

As the month winds down, please be reminded to reserve time to meditate in your own way.  Become still and quiet.  Open your heart and give thanks and appreciation.  Offer kindness in all of your breaths and intentions.  Open your higher self for messages to be realized and received.   

Examine the gifts in your sack, the resources you have, step into your Magician.  Apply your knowledge and initiate greatness!

There is so much in the world to be thankful for, I hope you can think of several. 

Waking up on this side of the soil is a good place to start!

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