Soothsayer's Corner

By Leean Lester

Greetings! My goodness, can you believe that it’s already December?! Where did the year go?!

This month, I’d like to touch base on different symbols and their meanings.

There are lots of different symbols: symbols in dreams, symbols in clouds, and symbols used in everyday life. These symbols come from all over the world and from different traditions.

First, let’s take a quick look at dream symbols and some of their meanings. If you dream about falling, it points to one’s fear of failure or of the unknown. Another dream symbol is money, and the meaning of such dreams depends on which kind of money you dream about. A dream of gold can mean physical wealth, paper money can symbolize opportunities to share wealth, and silver is a symbol of spiritual wealth. A dream about flying may pertain to awareness, or may even indicate spiritual awareness. There are thousands of dream symbols and meanings. I’ve barely scratched the surface. A good book that I use and would recommend is Mary Summer Rain’s Guide to Dream Symbols. I not only use it for dream interpretation, but also as a guide to symbology in waking life.

One example of how symbolism can be significant in waking life is illustrated in an Asian custom regarding spiders. In many places throughout Asia, you will find it’s considered bad luck to kill a spider in the house. The spider represents a passed spirit who spins webs to trap evil spirits. Because of this sacred symbolism, it’s customary that if you must get rid of a spider who has entered your house, you trap it with a glass, then slide a piece of paper under the spider and set it free outside. As you do this, ask for the spider’s blessing, and thank it.

Symbolism is all around us, even above us in the clouds. Some people believe that the cloud shapes you see carry significant meanings. For example, if you see the shape of a fish in the clouds, you’ll be swimming in money. If the clouds remind you of mountain peaks, then you’re climbing toward success, and if you see the shape of a feather in the clouds, it’s a symbol to tell you to take yourself more seriously.

There are lots of different symbols. Just look around!

Here’s wishing you and yours a very special holiday season, Yule or other. May the spirits watch over and bless you and your household. 

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