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By Sheri Harshberger

The Association for Tarot Studies (ATS), located in Victoria, Australia, offers some of the most highly regarded publications on Tarot.  We've received word that there is a new, very special book, Tarot in Culture, in the works that is expected to be released in June 2011, but is available for pre-order now.  We thought we might take this occasion to share this news and to highlight some of the other great works they have available.

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Unless noted otherwise, all text is from the Association for Tarot Studies website and used with permission.

Tarot in Culture


Available June 2011 and pre-ordering is available (and encouraged!)

Edited by Emily E. Auger, Tarot in Culture is a multi-author anthology of papers on Tarot.

The collection includes twenty-nine papers by artists and scholars, a foreword by Rachel Pollack, an introduction by the editor, many in-text black-and-white illustrations, and 24 colour plates. Contributions are organized in four parts: History and Innovation, Tarot in the Arts, The Art of Tarot, and Special Topics and Primary Sources. Papers range in type from original, in-depth, well documented studies of Tarot history, art, and literature to unique artists' statements and other primary source documents. This collection will be of interest to scholars working in many fields and to anyone who studies Tarot.

Reviews by Arthur Rosengarten and Elizabeth Sklar, the table of contents, and purchasing information are available at the Association for Tarot Studies website:

A Classic: Robert O'Neill's Tarot Symbolism


Tarot Symbolism by Robert O'Neill

O'Neill's work brings a sense of high caliber research into the field of Tarot, and that this definitive work on Tarot iconography provided a firm foundation and wonderful starting point for further studies in this field.

Another Classic: K. Frank Jensen's Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot


The Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot by K. Frank Jensen.

Frank Jensen has long been amongst the key players in presenting information on the development of this important deck in the history of Tarot. We now have the opportunity to read on this deck's history during its key phases during the past 100 years.

Editor's note - I have this book and I couldn't put it down!  The story of how this deck came into being, how A. E. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith, through following their own paths, came together to create something that transcends not only themselves but also time, is a fascinating read.  I was pleasantly surprised to find good coverage of Pixie, of whom I knew little about up to that point.  Anyone interested in Tarot, whether they use this particular deck or not, should read this book!

From Motley Hat to Deathly Shroud 


Poems inspired by the Tarot written by Shane Kendal

Shane Kendal, who has previously contributed to the Association's Newsletter with the article A Poetry of the Tarot, has recently completed a series of poems inspired by a journey through the deck's trumps.

The 109-page book is now available from the Association's's store.

ISBN: 978-0-9757122-2-1

Reading the Marseille Tarot


By Jean-Michel David (available May 2011 - pre-ordering not available)

A self-paced Tarot course based on the Jean Noblet 1650 Paris deck, this book arises from Jean-Michel's online 30 weeks course. Within 22 chapters on each of the trumps (or Major Arcana) of the Tarot, as well as eight other chapters focussing on related topics, focus is places on the historical underpinnings of the symbols and allegories reflected in tarot's images and on various ways in which this can instruct readings. The title of the book, Reading the Marseille, is primarily intended in the sense of "Reading Into the Image-at-hand". 

This is a review of the course on which this book is based (from JMD's website,

"I have been reading Tarot 30 yrs. I have taken several Tarot courses from some of the most respected Tarot folks teaching today. JMDs course ranks up there with the very best. It is well worth the time & effort. 

JMD is one of those rare teachers who takes you on the journey with him. He made the Noblet, history, art & the entire TdM come alive for me. I grew & expanded my Tarot knowledge with this course. I truly looked forward to EACH weekly lesson!" Mac22 

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