Witch's 13 Cedar Runes

By Terri C. 

Witch's 13 Cedar Runes by Deb O. Ross aka "Alaska Laser Maid"

If you are looking for something fun to add to your divination tool kit, I recommend this beautiful set of Witch’s Runes made by Deb O. Ross.  I stumbled across these on Facebook one day.  I found Deb’s Etsy page and decided to order them.  I was familiar with her work as I had been gifted a beautiful hummingbird that Deb made a couple of years ago during her visit to the Pacific Northwest.  After ordering from her, I anxiously awaited my package from Alaska.  Deb had informed me upon ordering that there might be a delay due to weather, which was completely understandable and I appreciated the fact that she stayed in communication.

The package arrived safely just a few days later.  I ripped open the padded envelope to find my new Witch’s Runes carefully placed in a small, gold organza drawstring 3” x 4”  bag sealed in a plastic bag along with a sheet of definitions.

Upon opening the plastic bag, the delightful scent of cedar instantly filled my kitchen.  I was elated by this pleasant surprise.

I laid the 13 Witch’s Runes out on the table and admired the images.  The precise images are perfectly cut into the cedar pieces.  The images are perfectly centered and the red cedar wood is very smooth to the touch.  The symbol is on one side and a pentagram is engraved on the back.

Not being familiar at all with the 13 Witch’s Runes and eager to begin working with them, I grabbed the preprinted sheet of definitions and tried to match up the Runes.  At first I was very confused as there were only 8 meanings and some of the symbols that were shown on the definition sheet did not match the Runes I had.  I realized that this set of definitions were for a different set of runes.  I quickly emailed Deb and explained the situation and within a day she sent me a file of the definitions.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be the same definitions that I had received with my set.  Another day of emails exchanged and I had the proper definitions in my email box. 

The symbols are:  Sun, Moon, Flight, Rings, Romance, Woman, Man, Harvest, Crossroads, Star, Waves, Scythe and Eye.

The Runes measure 1 ¼  x ¾ x 1/8 inch and are oval in shape.

If you want to use these Runes for a daily 1 Rune Draw, I would recommend transferring them to a larger bag, as the 3” x 4” bag is a bit small to get your hand in to mix them around.

This fine set of Runes can be found on Deb’s Etsy page http://www.etsy.com/listing/59386634/witches-13-oval-cedar-runes along with many other beautifully hand crafted items by Deb.  At the price of $15 for the set, I feel that this is an excellent value and would make a wonderful gift.

If you are interested in learning even more about the 13 Witch’s Runes, I recommend purchasing a copy of A Witch’s Runes, by Susan Sheppard,  ISBN:  0-8065-1996-7.  This is a 198-page book about creating your own set of Witch’s Runes and how to work with them-- meanings, combinations, romance readings, zodiac method readings, spell work and blessings.  The book makes a nice companion to Deb’s stunning set.

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