December Tarot Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta



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Hierophant  (Page of Pentacles) 

The time has come to empty yourself of things -  create a mindful state of emptiness. Consider how much stuff you have. Your house, your mind and life are probably cluttered with lots of unnecessary stuff. This traps you and keeps you from experiencing any real sense of permanent joy because all that stuff is temporary. When do you allow yourself to simply be? Watch a child play and see how using her imagination inspires contentment, an ease at being alone. Practice bringing play into your life and notice the difference it makes. Your dependency on things will begin to lose its power, and you will look forward to just being.  There is untapped wisdom in play - now go find it!

Images from the Tarot of the Magical Forest published by Lo Scarabeo.



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Star (9 of Wands) 

When was the last time you stopped to appreciate the magic in the world? Nature is sensational, so full of infinite beauty. You are surrounded by exquisite artistry - that is, if you open your senses to experience it. Even your body has a magical intelligence that is baffling when you really ponder it. There is unlimited mystery and pleasure in every corner of life, and in your own mystical playground - your imagination. So how can you be bored or stressed when at any moment you have so much to tap into? Your recent bout of moodiness will begin to vanish if you shift your awareness to gratitude. Have faith in the small things and don't worry about your problems; for they too are only temporary and don't worry about you. 

Images from the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot created by the Church of Light.



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Wheel of Fortune (Ace of Wands) 

You are pulsating with energy this month, full of potential and ready to move purposefully in a new direction. The goal is to transform yourself in the process. If you merely focus this energy on what you already have or what you already think, you'll waste it, and worse you'll remain stuck in repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. The past might be familiar but the present is limitless and promising of an adventure. Have courage and set your sights on the new and unknown life that lie ahead. If you reject this, you will remain frustrated, burned out and ambivalent. There is great force within you this month; let it explode and transform you. Seize the day and make the most of whatever gift is presented.

Images from the Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.



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Tower (7 of Wands) 

Experiences are the bricks and mortar that life is built of. Childhood forms the foundation, education (formal and informal), the windows you look out of, relationships to people and objects form the walls, and belief systems top off the ceiling. There you sit comfortably in your well constructed refuge. Then, out of the blue comes a natural disaster, shattering the windows, tearing down the walls, leaving you exposed and vulnerable. You struggle, you suffer and you withdraw. Why? Life happens to all of us. There is no certainty and when you accept this, you can relax. Accidents give birth to opportunities and often magnify what you cherish most. Seek to understand the chaos rather than control it. Controlling leads to frustration, understanding frees you from it.  

Images from the Tarot of the Magical Forest published by Lo Scarabeo.



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Lovers (2 of Cups) 

Rather than obsessing over relationships, learn to relate; instead of focusing on having friendships, become more friendly. The purpose of connecting with others is not to appease your loneliness or inflate your ego, it is to share. Share yourself with others and if they are willing to share themselves with you, a true friendship will arise. Love that is based in fear, dependency and lust will seek to manipulate the other into being someone they are not. It will turn you into a hungry ghost - always consuming yet never satisfied. Love  grounded in friendship creates a climate of mutual freedom, support and fullness. Expand your circle of friends from who you know to all of humanity, including animals and nature. Love echoes you, so when you love indiscriminately, you are loved unconditionally. 

Images from the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot created by the Church of Light.



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Fool (3 of Pentacles) 

Imagine what it could be like if you were in touch with your inner guide moment to moment. Your mind would be free from worry, your heart would be full of joy and you would be fully present with life. Your mental training has clouded this connection and you've learned to rely too heavily on logic. Certainly logic is important but its scope is limited. Instead of thinking before you act, try acting before you think. Your problems cannot be solved by the same thinking that caused them. Practice listening beyond the voice of reason. Don't interfere with what bubbles up, just let it be. Intuition and instinct dance to their own music. If you learn how to dance with them, you will discover the secret to enduring happiness.

Images from the Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.



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World (Page of Wands) 

Being present has many benefits but namely it creates peace. When first beginning the practice of presence, peace is not the obvious by-product, in fact, peace is a result of completion. Being present means being with what is: emotionally, physically and mentally. If you avoid, overlook or deny any aspect of an experience, it remains incomplete, and you remain unsettled. Anything unfinished follows you like a shadow blocking you from seeing the light. If you're angry or sad or anxious, be it! Feel and experience it completely and thoroughly. Closure is a natural part of life and when it's missing, so are you. Take inventory of old stories and resentments that are rolling around in your head, then do or feel them through until you find their natural conclusion. 

Images from the Tarot of the Magical Forest published by Lo Scarabeo.



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Hanged Man (7 of Swords) 

If you wish to live a spiritual life, don't pretend that suffering doesn't affect you or that positivity and politeness make you an enlightened soul. Just because you practice yoga, go to church, refrain from alcohol and sex doesn't make you a saint. Being authentic not authoritative shows strength; being vulnerable not venerable shows courage, sacrificing your ego for the sake of the whole shows compassion. Whatever you consider to be your higher power is an experience not a thing out there. A pure sense of spacious, mysterious, vastness is available when you remove the politics of spirituality. Be honest about what's holding you back right now and have the courage to let it go even if it means you have to make amends for your own wrongdoings.

Images from the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot created by the Church of Light.



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Empress (10 of Pentacles) 

Have you ever noticed the affect certain people have on you? Even beyond your own control there are some who inspire feelings in you that seem unusual or unexplainable. If you can allow yourself the experience of this small puzzlement, you will encounter a spectrum of humanity hiding beneath your personality. You're not as independent as you'd like to believe. You're titles and roles limit your participation with existence. Enjoy your life as part of the whole. Embrace your awkwardness and take care of those who struggle to express themselves. Forget the false boundaries and pretenses that separate you from them. Make an attempt to understand rather than seek to be understood. Listen more than you talk and give more than you take. Feel the connection to all that is. 

Images from the Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.



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Hermit (Knight of Cups) 

Being alone is something not easily accepted. Most seek to belong by fitting into a crowd, being part of a community, a family, a relationship anything that protects from feeling alone. Yet aloneness may persist in spite of belonging to these relationships. Sometimes rousing feelings of doubt or questions like "what's wrong with me?"One of the great lessons of life is that you must become comfortable with yourself in order to fully be comfortable with others. In your state of aloneness you discover the state of all-oneness. The deepest and most healthy relationships are those that mirror back the beauty of who you are, not who you need to be in order to be loved and accepted. Find comfort in being, spend quality time with yourself by showering attention on your talents. thoughts and feelings.  

Images from the Tarot of the Magical Forest published by Lo Scarabeo.



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High Priestess (2 of Pentacles) 

If you want to develop your intuition or get in touch with your inner guide, you need to become silent. There is so much chattering going on in your head that it is nearly impossible for anything subtle to penetrate. Business is another form of chatter - busy-ness. You run from here to there filling your time and mind with extras, planning for the future and holding on to the past. It's no wonder you feel drained and disconnected. Imagine what it would feel like to be completely present and responsive, in touch with your inner voice and unfettered by distractions? This state of being is possible with practice. No matter what happens this month, make an effort to remain present and open. Your intuition may surprise you.

Images from the Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot created by the Church of Light.



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Death (5 of Wands) 

The should's are really stinky. "I should do this or that." I should've said this or tried that." Stop shoulding on yourself and just live. Why get stuck in the past or wallow in guilt when life is about change and opportunity. So you messed something up. Do better next time but don't cling to the unnecessary drama of old news. There's so much to be grateful for in the moment - particularly the fact that the past is behind you. Accept the person you are right now and allow your life to be transformed. Be the witness not the victim of your hardships. Absorb the pain but don't identify with it. Life is too precious to remain stuck. You will fall down, but how you get back up is the art of living. 

Images from the Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.

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