Happy New Year!

It's a new year already! Many things have happened over the last year that were very exciting! With the new year comes thoughts of renewal of ourselves or wiping the proverbial slate clean and starting over. We look forward with optimism at the potential the future year might hold. We strive to take control of our selves and our lives. We empower ourselves to make changes for the better.

Here at TR, the same is true for us. We are looking forward to bringing more articles, interviews, and other interesting and fun things that our readers will want to read about - but this is nothing new to us! We are committing ourselves to carrying on and improving what we've got started. 

We are delighted to offer an interview with Flash Silvermoon this month. She is an amazing woman with an amazing story to share - along with an amazing Tarot deck! To empower our readers in reading pip cards, we have an article by Peggy Firth. Melanie Harris shares techniques for exploring life goals with the Tarot. She also has compiled a list of educational resources related to Tarot. Carrying on our "empowerment" theme this month, we have deck reviews for the Tarot of the Crone and The Wise Woman's Tarot, and we are pleased to offer an article on the Empress by Michelle Swan. We just have too much in this issue to mention everything here - check it out for yourself!

- Sheri Harshberger

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