January Astroflash

By Flash Silvermoon

This is the message that I received at 3 AM Dec 22 EST in my office at Moonhaven in Melrose:

The Moon is coming into alignment and the Shift is beginning! [By that afternoon at 3:30PM we began our ceremony at which point one of the women shouted out "Look, the Moon is coming right through those trees." Then I understood what it meant for the Moon to be coming into alignment.]

By the next snow, relief as the Cosmic Shield comes into Full Use and we are Delivered by mid February. [Don't know whose next snow as we are in Florida.]

Use your colors, paint your world. Work with Cyndie and the Dolphins.

Little Star [my cat] understands, he wants to be held 3:06 AM EST. Many prayers are out for the Animal World wrapping the World in Multi Dimensional webs of pure rainbow colored light that's criss - crossed and luminous- Our Shield!

Star has Star Power and Happy, my dog, is laying down bathing now in the Vibration.

Clogs in my throat are lifted up as we anchor in the 5th Dimension. Noticing that Pandora and Star match in their colors tonight. 

My system is being elevated and healed. As I write I heal!

Inner and Outer space as One Field One Breath One People. 

I felt very inspired by this and felt some direction as well. When you see these photos and the interesting light around me at times you will see that I have some help. Blessings.

Happy New Year and New Day, everyone! We really do have the opportunity to create a new way of being in the world and we simply need to CHOOSE LOVE. Obviously, that is not all but it is a hell of a good start to make that choice over judging, reacting, and other lesser choices. As your Friendly Astrologer, I offer you the Astrological Trends for the month.

What a time we are having! As I view the astrological charts of the month and months past I am filled with a more positive feeling than I have had in quite a while. During this very transformative time, we are experiencing such extremes from the most heinous to the most courageous and compassionate.

So many more people are interested in their spiritual lives, elevating and saving the planet while many are digging in their collective heels and white knuckling the wheels of change with all they have. Folks, you can go kicking and screaming but sooner or later you will need to make changes if we are to survive.

It seems like this culture needs bigger and badder tragedies to wake it up from the numb sleepwalk through life. Fortunately, clusters of well meaning folk do in fact wake up and try to untangle the convoluted mess that passes for public safety. Fortunately as I have predicted, we are seeing many whistle blowers from the Military, Industry, Media, and overall politrix whose conscience will no longer allow them to toe the company line when they  see the lies blaring in front of them. When simply keeping one's job does not keep you chained to the machine, you know that a change is gonna come.

With so many of the harsher aspects moving out of orb [loosening up], we can feel a new sense of freedom and release that has been hard won. The energetic Shift of the Solstice has certainly changed the electromagnetic field around too. It's not like all is well and reaching perfection, far from, but the tension that many of us have been feeling is  ebbing. I don't know how many of you have been working as hard as you can just to keep up with yourselves but I sure have.

The energy around Dec 21-23 created a whirring effect for me that peaked around the 22nd of Dec as we released an enormous load of dying energy. The whole process was quite exhausting and many have complained about being so tired out, myself included.

Now we can face the next few months with more exhilaration, inspiration and a new set of marching orders!  Nope, we didn't die, the End of the World did not come and we are still here, hopefully with more fire in our bellies to tackle the job of helping create a New and Better World.

The Yod aspect also known as the Finger of God/Goddess consisting of a sextile from Pluto to Saturn moving through a 150 degree angle to Jupiter in Gemini suggests to me that some extremely creative energy could come to the fore to straighten out some of the budget issues by the time we have the Grand Trine in Air signs on Jan. 4.

I must include that the potential with a big load of Air energy can be tornadic activity as well as all the positive possibilities. If you have been wondering why the hell are we having such humongous storms these days you are right to wonder. I can answer you in one word, H.A.A.R.P. Simply put, this is a system of weather manipulation utilized by the shadow government here and from other places in the world like China. See this url for more info.Source: http://theweatherspace.com/news/TWS-122712-northern-california-tornado-december-22-confirmed.html 

A Grand Trine in Air Signs can give us all a most pleasant feeling  of well being and that is just what we need to overcome the anxiety and fear that has corrupted the group mind and made the Rethugs even more tight fisted than ever, more resembling a bunch of 2 year olds who can only say no than adult politicians who need to find a sane plan.

Whether we are directing the country or just trying to get on with our lives we all will enjoy this break in the stress. We will get a new burst of creative energy and much needed flow of communication because Air signs have to do with mental energy and trines in general create flow. This influx of confidence and a sense of safety to try new things and even challenging ones will lift the lid off of the parts of us that have been just hunkering down and feeling locked in for self preservation. This is good and will likely have positive effects on our bodies that need to feel the freedom to stretch and release all the tension that has built up internally.

Many of us have felt as if we were on a conveyor belt colliding time after time with one calamity or health problem after another. Time to get off the belt  shake yourself off and breathe deeply, noticing that there is less detritus, less funk, and less stress in and around your body mind and spirit. I can sort of  hear Bob Marley in the background singing, "Don't worry 'bout a ting 'cause every little ting gonna be all right !" Make no mistake though as we ascend and continue our journey, we will have these pauses and easier times for reflection and recharging.

On January 6th, Mars will be squaring Saturn which is no picnic especially if you have to get somewhere or move forward in anyway. At best you will feel like you are driving with the brakes on or spinning your wheels altogether. Frustration is the feeling so try not to globalize and be patient for a few days as the aspect will get out of orb[move along] by the 9th. One of the good things about astrology is that if you look ahead a little bit you can avoid a big scene or chaos by not pushing the river for a day or two. By being patient in this case you can enjoy a rest time when nothing is moving forward easily instead of stubbornly forcing the issue.

Speaking of not pushing the river, here is a list of Mercury Retrogrades for 2013 so you can plan ahead to use these times for the best as well as avoiding frustration.

Retrogrades: Mercury  February 23 - March 17, June 26 - July 20, October 21 - November 10. Having this table in advance, you can organize important projects so that you present your new stuff when the wind is behind you filling your sails [Mercury direct times] instead of pushing a boulder up the hill like Sisyphus! [Retro times]

People have asked me for this in advance many times and January is a good time to make a good game plan. If there is something that you are thinking of starting soon try to get the proverbial ducks in a row before Feb 23. You have plenty of time if you start now to lay out the structure. Then while the retrograde moves along you can collect your data, refine things and then send out your proposals and the like after Mercury goes direct on March 17 or even a little after just to make sure that the flow is moving forward for sure.

You can use this system for writing proposals, selling property, buying a car or even starting a new relationship. However re this situation you had better have Venus moving forward as well. Venus BTW will be moving out of retrograde on January 31 so get ready for a better flow in the love department too! 

Basically looking at astrology from this vantage point, you can learn to go with the flow. As you can hopefully see, I am not a fatalist and my goal for myself and my readers is to help make astrology useful for each of us and to make our individual and collective journeys as positive and inspiring as possible.   

In a future post, I will offer more information on how to maximize the effects of the Moon through the signs and phases so watch for that!

Speaking of the Moon, we will be having a most potent and defining New Moon in Capricorn on Jan 11. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which can cast a heavy shadow but it can also lend us some focus and grounding in the material realities. In addition, we have a planetary pileup of Capricorn planets from Venus in 3 degrees of Capricorn to the Sun and Moon at 21 degrees. In between lie Mercury, Pluto and asteroid Juno which reminds us of the Divine Solar Feminine which I have spoken about for some months. This aspect will surely manifest as women taking on more responsibility to demand policy and make changes in the disintegrating patriarchal policies of the Old World. How will we relate to power, our own as well as the world's?

Women have been defined during these Dark Ages and it is high time for us to define ourselves, to be seen as both Changer and Changed. We were so openly demeaned in the previous election and like the cream, we rose to the top and made it plain to see that the time for such crazy thinking would no longer be tolerated or gather votes. I am not saying that I believe in the system that we have but I am saying that the time for more female leadership is upon us and we are seeing it manifest all over the world. Sad that this country which we Americans think of as so superior is not leading the charge for enlightened female leadership. I hope that you understand that by this I do not just mean any woman should lead either.  Capricorn is a sign which manifests and this lineup suggests to me that women will be manifesting our desire to make the world a safer place for all and particularly for our children and the Earth Herself. This is an excellent time for setting your goals too.

Venus will actually be a very busy planet as she squares wild and controversial Uranus on January 12, conjoins intense and subversive Pluto on January 16 and conjoins Juno on January 17. Bet we will be seeing all kinds of surprises from women's groups and personages from all over the world fighting the good fight and demanding  real change of policy for all women! Ah, that just makes my heart sing and for sure, heartfullness will be part of the agenda for all people who choose to abandon the self centered ways of the patriarchal world in favor of one that is more cooperative and less flawed by competition.

When Venus and Pluto start dirty dancing together, look out especially with the square to Uranus days ahead bringing in the sparks of attraction. You may just meet a most compelling stranger who fits your fantasy picture like a glove and do try to resist a serious relationship when Juno comes to town at least until the end of the month, better still wait til February when Venus moves forward again and you can commit with the fires of Imbolc on Feb 2. 

I know I just jumped way ahead but whoever said that a straight line was the singularly best way for a journey to be conducted and make no mistake we are on a journey together as we move through time with these accelerating vibrations licking at our heels.

Ah yes! The beautiful Leo Full Moon will light up the sky on January 26. From my experience if you want to hold a successful event where people come out of the woodwork to see and be seen, even if they are sick, it is this Full Moon. As you may know, whenever you have a full moon you also experience the energy of the Sun  because a full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. Aquarius is the opposite sign from Leo so this time offers the potential of aligning both head and heart, the passion and the cerebral. As we all move towards a more elevated outlook we are moving towards the values of the Aquarian Age. There are many  thoughts about when this exactly starts but I believe that we are at the very least on the cusp[the border of the beginning] of the Aquarian Age, hence the intense acceleration of vibration and  even time as we know it. We are shifting to another vibratory field, the Fifth Dimension. No, not the sixties rock group who took us up, up and away, but a paradigm and vibratory field where all is possible, the place where the miraculous can and does happen. What an incredible option! This is the opportunity of a lifetime and what a time to be alive, to enjoy and embody this new way of being. 

I find it interesting that the day after this full moon, instigator Uranus conjoins the very feminist asteroid Pallas. In some books you will find this asteroid called Pallas/Athena as these Goddesses were lesbian lovers hence their names were bound together as the name of this heavenly body. With Uranus snuggling up to this sometimes fierce, sometimes incredibly creative energy, I would be looking for improvement regarding the rights of lesbians and maybe gays as well and some ground breaking creative projects that may be an offering or some kind of powerful representation of lesbians. I know that this may sound way too literal a read on this planetary picture but why not, Sisterhood is indeed Powerful and isn't it high time for all of us to have a comfy seat at the table?

Hey everybody, guess what? Jupiter who can be seen as the planetary holder of expansion and prosperity will finally be moving full throttle forward on January 31 and it will even be sextile controversial Uranus. Personally, your money and resources should improve and the economy should do the same. If the politicians are still holding the people hostage tied to some frail limb about to go over a cliff with no windfall in sight, this just might be the time for some radical liberation. We shall see and whatever the manifestation, it should be from out of left field and basically quite positive. 

Hold your wallets up to the sky on the Full Moon and continue to do so til Feb 2 and you can't go wrong. Habondia Goddess of Plenty kindly fill up our coffers as well as those where the need is great. Yemonja, Orisha of the Marketplace please create commerce and prosperity for us all. White Buffalo Woman, please bring your Sacred Pipe to the fire and bring us all Peace! Blessed Be, Aho, Ase'.

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