January Tarot Forecast

By Adrienne Abeyta

Ed. Note - Due to issue tardiness, we aren’t including images with the Tarot Forecast this month. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes!


Hierophant (9 of Swords) 

We are natural seekers. We seek truth, pleasure, excitement, escape, love and fulfillment to name a few. Yet the result of what we find is often not enough, and leads only to more searching. What are you looking for or better yet, what are you running from? So long as your contentment is outside of your, it's causal and ultimately temporary. What you seek is something meaningful, something to motivate you when you feel low about yourself. It was said that the meaning of life is to give life meaning. Simple as this sounds, it isn't easy to assign meaning to circumstances, feelings and relationships you reject. So, reject nothing until you understand its meaning. Accept what is until it isn't. The search is never ending, and everything meaningful. 


Fool (5 of Wands) 

The year is new and so are you. What's the point of looking backward when looking ahead is full of wonder and surprise. Let go of your baggage and travel lightly this year. If there is unfinished business, take care of it in the present. No need to brood over anything. You have an opportunity to reinvent yourself and your outlook. Although your environment and your relations may challenge the changing you, commit yourself to this attitude adjustment and soon enough your cares will begin to disappear. The less you take yourself so seriously, the more serious life becomes. You no longer need to defend your little ego because whatever happens, you are fully present and alive. You shake it off and move on to the next great adventure. Everything's an adventure when you choose to approach it that way - even traffic and paying your taxes. 


Devil (9 of Pentacles) 

What do you delight in? What brings you the most pleasure? Can you live without it, can you share it with a stranger, can you only have a small amount? There is a thin line between bliss and euphoria, enjoyment and addiction, deserving and deprivation. Become aware of how much energy you are investing into any one thing to the exclusion of others. What you worship becomes your god or maybe even your devil. Slow down this year and enjoy the bounty life has to offer. There is no need to manage or overly involve yourself in the material world if it costs you  inner peace and relaxation. Without this balance, you are vulnerable to escapism, greed and excess. Be the person your dog thinks you are. If you don't have a dog, go get one and you'll know unconditional love. 


Empress (3 of Swords) 

Independence is overvalued in our society. We are taught to be self: centered, sufficient, reliant, resolved, motivated and so on. Dependency is avoided like the plague and yet it persists. You are dependent on others for validation and love, on your job for security, and on your society for safety.  Why pretend that you are an island of strength. You are interdependent: you  need and are needed in return. Just because you've been hurt or betrayed doesn't mean you have to warn off relationships or second guess everyone's intentions. It's time to shift the scales and allow yourself to be taken care of the way you seek to care for others.  This year offers you the chance to work on your relationships. It's time to really connect with others. Let your guard down and open your heart.


Moon (Page of Wands) 

Your mind is like the ocean with depths unexplored and tides mysteriously influenced by the moon. How can you possibly know yourself completely. Unless you have mastered your mind and dissolved your ego, you like the rest of us are susceptible to illusions. Don't be dismayed if you feel disoriented this month, a subtle feeling of unease will  arise prompting you in a new direction. Pay close attention to your dream life for it will send you images and messages that become more meaningful as time goes on. If you cling to your fear hoping to figure things out, life will only become more confusing. Frustrating as it is, there's not much to do during this time. Don't bother trying to escape the uneasy feelings either. Avoidance will only prolong the misery. Your self-concept is about to change.


World (7 of Cups) 

Have you ever noticed how your understanding can differ so drastically from another? Perceptions are like fingers, everyone's got handfuls.  How can you see reality when your mind is clouded by judgments and feelings? Your lenses change according to what you're looking at, and you believe the interpretation. Difficult as it may be, try to simply look without judgment or evaluation. Take in your surroundings, listen to others, pay attention to your own inner voice. To fully engage in  life, you must be present and to be present, you must be quiet. Your opinions are only  perceptions, and you are so much more than what you believe. This year offers you the chance for deep healing, closure and peace. Correct your mind in each moment by reminding it that what you see just is. No adjectives required. 


Hanged Man (2 of Pentacles) 

Have you been feeling a little stuck, bored or ambivalent? Get ready to dance because there is new momentum building, a rhythm from deep within your soul inspiring you to move in ways you've forgotten. How, you wonder. Life moves according to your vision of it. Spirituality is not a concept, it's a way of being in the world. Although you're a spirit confined to a body, your potential for magic isn't limited. With one choice you can set in motion a whole new vision. The time is now! If you devote yourself to becoming the very thing you want, you have attained it; for nothing exists outside of you that's not already within. If you want love, be loving. If you want success, be generous. If you want joy, spread joyfulness. The law of attraction begins with what you put out.


Star (Knight of Wands) 

It's time to evaluate all your activities to see how, if at all, they are propelling you in your desired direction. Busyness is not productive, it's a diversion that robs you of passion and creativity. Everyone is creative because life is an expression of artistry. Are you happy with your pieces of art or do they lack character and depth?   At any moment you can recreate the scenery. It's not a talent contest, it's a talent broadcast. You are a special individual with unique observations, and how you choose to show this in the world, you either expose or exploit your gift. There is no hiding who you are, when you create according to your heart, you make meaningful connections in the world and the world creates through you.


Sun (2 of Wands) 

Just like the sun, you are a radiant expression of existence. Your light shines on all those around you, either bringing warmth and generosity or blinding egoism. Nature, including your own, is a culmination of all possibilities. There is no need to be better than anything else, no need to prove your righteousness. Nature will cooperate with your goals, (unintended as they may be) and guide your actions toward their necessary conclusions. If you seek to define yourself through comparison, your confidence will be conditional. Your life is precious and it's your job to honor its sacredness. Be honest about the path you are on and courageous to make the detour you know is needed. Like the sun rises and falls, so will you. It is your time to rise and awaken to the glory within.


Wheel of Fortune (6 of Swords) 

We all know that life is in a constant state of flux, yet our minds hold on to the past hoping for the illusion of security. Why burden yourself with such a task. Certainly planning and reviewing are necessary components for managing life's circumstances, but when stress is the only bi-product of this, you might begin to rethink the process. Consistency and determination are only as good as the product they produce. The focus for this year is to recondition the way your mind processes your experiences. Become more flexible and tolerant of change and you will feel more joyful about life. There are some big changes ahead, likely in areas you've only been secretly planning. Be careful what you wish for (or complain about) because the force behind these desires has already began moving. 


Magician (8 of Swords) 

The concept of right and wrong is artificial, and often exploited by religious and political institutions. When you believe you're right, you feel good about yourself and when you believe you're wrong, you feel guilty and defensive. If you removed these judgments and simply reflected on your beliefs and actions, you would learn so much more about who you are. Then, rather from the moral pulpit of condemnation, you would create the person you want to be. You could relinquish yourself from the fear of not being good enough to embrace the person you are - light and dark. Look around and notice what you are unintentionally creating. Are you operating from fear or confidence? Take a risk this year by living the life you truly desire not the half-life you feel trapped in. There's an amazing world out there waiting for your contribution.


Judgment (Page of Cups) 

Life is tremendously beautiful with all its many facets. How can we possibly deprive ourselves from the bounty of experiences when all that is required from us is to just be. At any point in life you have the opportunity of rebirth. Since the tone of your life has been set in motion by the collection of your choices, you have the power to change it. If you submit yourself to hopelessness, then you sentence yourself to a life of suffering. Even during your darkest hours, the slightest acknowledgment of hope can restore life and catalyze a personal revolution. Focus your heart on forgiveness and acceptance this year. Your past experiences of sadness are no more but to truly let them go, you must have an understanding heart. Forgiveness is a matter for the heart not the head.

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