Altered States of Consciousness while Reading Tarot

Written by Lalia Wilson

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If you read tarot for the public or at public events, it is inevitable that you will need to make decisions about whether your consciousness is correct for readings and whether the client/customer/friend is of a mind to absorb your reading. 

As you know, especially at parties, you and your sitters may be under the influence of alcohol, prescription medication, and legal or illegal drugs. Even if you avoid using any of these if you are present where certain substances are being smoked you are getting a "contact high." How does this affect your ability to read? Should you read?

I cannot tell you the correct answer, you must set your own limits. However, I can share my own experience and personal limits.

I have noticed, for myself, that if I have had more than one drink or any other substance, that my readings are accurate, but they are unfiltered. This is not okay with me, but you may see this differently. Here’s an apocryphal story: An ancient King of Babylon called upon his court astrologer to predict his lifespan and that of the royal family. The court astrologer said, “Oh, Great King, your relatives will die soon.” The King, displeased, ordered the astrologer executed. Then he called upon the Court Astrologer’s prize student. The student, pleased at his ascension, offered “Oh Great Majesty, your relatives will have short lives.” He, too, was executed. Then the King called for the Court Astrologer’s last student. “Oh, Great One. You will live much longer than your relatives.” And the King accepted this version.

For that reason, I never have more than one drink, if that. I don’t read if taking medication that would impact my mind and consciousness. I also don’t read for anyone who has had more than two drinks or the equivalent. It does them no good.

I recommend that you consider what you would do before you find yourself in the situation. This is much more likely to occur if you read at parties, doing “entertainment.” Best of luck as you continue to use the tarot.

P.S. There is a counterargument that using mind-altering substances will improve your ability to interpret the cards. I leave this to you, should you wish to pursue this way of using tarot.

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