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Happy March to everyone! Spring is just around the corner for some of us - there have been record snowfalls for many areas of the USA, while our friends in the Southern Hemisphere bask in the sun of late summer! 

We've got another great issue for you this month! We have an interview with icon Christopher Penczak, and entertaining articles from Jeanne Fiorini and Walks With Thunder, as well as regulars Peggy Firth, Gary Meister, Adrienne Abeyta, Terri C., and Melanie Harris - who is not only a great writer and Assistant Editor, but also a great artist! Yes, that bunny in Melanie's Tarot for Today feature is Melanie's own artwork!

We also are featuring a deck review by Kyla Morris on the Bohemian Gothic Tarot Silver Edition. Believe it or not, this special limited edition kit sold out on the publisher's website in only 2 months! The good news is that the Standard Edition is available and the review applies to it as well. Even better news is that I ordered 2 and have one of the 2 for more devious purposes... the launch of a new monthly contest! Check out the Fun, Games, & Community page for details on how to enter! 

We would like to thank everyone who wrote to the ATA regarding the Press Release that was issued in response to the actions taken by the Miss Toronto Tourism organization last month when they rejected the current Miss Canada Plus as a judge for their beauty pageant because she practices Reiki and reads Tarot cards. All the responses we received at the ATA were very supportive and thankful that not only the ATA stepped up, but also with the message that was being conveyed. You may feel alone, but you are not. Unite with each other in fellowship - go for coffee, meet for dinner; join an association (like the ATA)... when you do, your voice joins with others and we become something greater for the good of all.

We hope you enjoy the March issue!

- Sheri Harshberger

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