Resonance Oracle

Review by Terri Clement


Resonance Oracle by Dara Caplan

Published by Schiffer Publishing,

ISBN:  978-0-7643-4138-0

The Resonance Oracle is a 40-card deck and book set, which is designed to offer spiritual guidance, answers to your deepest questions, and follows along with the Law of Attraction.

All of the images are done on a dark background and there is a play with light and shadow. There are haunting images, some that are dream-like, and some dramatic. I recommend good lighting while using this deck.

The deck and small guide book are housed in a heavy duty card board box with magnetic closure, brown ribbon closure and stays.


The cards measure 5” wide x 3 ½” tall. The images are placed in a landscape orientation on the cards instead of portrait. The top border is ¼” wide, while the side and bottom borders measure ½”. The borders are done in a variety of dark colors, such as brown, blues, wine, greens and purples. The title of each card is written across the bottom border.  

The card backs are not reversible friendly as the deck is designed to be read in the upright position. The images on the back of the cards show a vine across the top and bottom of the card, while shadowed in the center there is an acorn, a feather and two gemstones.

The cards are done on a heavy cardstock with a shiny lamination. I found the cards were a bit sticky and I had to work to get some of them apart. The edges of the cards were also a bit “hairy.”


The guide book is a small paperback book that measures the same size as the cards. It contains 96 pages and has a short message from the author, a small section about how to use the cards, a small black and white image of each card along with interpretations, and a couple of pages in the back to take notes.

There are several striking images in the deck for example:

Blessings is a card that shows a pink lotus floating in the foreground, while behind it and to the right looks like a platter floating in water, with a white candle, a blue rose, small red flowers, and a keepsake box that appears to have pictures in it.


The guide book states:  “…The events of the past-both joyful and sad-have each brought you to where you are now, made you who you are today. It’s time to think of the good things you have, the needs taken care of, and the warmth of loved ones…

Hearts Tears shows a long bridge passage that meanders off into the darkness.

The guide book states:  “Sometimes we are faced with a great and unexpected lesson or challenge.  It may even be the death of someone close to you. When things are dark and you feel weary after a loss, remember that the loss is only the other side of gain, and everything is part of the divine plan…


Open Spaces features a pair of green eyes that seem to rise up and out of a rolling hillside, while an eagle is flying behind the eyes.

This card is about flying high while spreading your wings as far as they will go. This is about your journey and following your dreams.

The Resonance Oracle can easily be used by the beginner all the way through an advanced reader. I recommend this for those who want an uplifting daily draw or maybe even someone who needs a kick-starter for journaling.

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