Tarot Journaling

March Journaling Activity
By Tabitha Chamberlain

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I hope that all of you enjoyed last months journaling exercise. This month we're going to be doing something that's going to push us a little bit.

I want you to flip your deck and look through them carefully. I want you to pick out the card that you like the most doesn't matter if it is a Major, Minor, or Court. Just whichever one that speaks the most to you. I want you to spend the first week of the month tapping into this card.

The following week pull out the card you dislike the most.

The next two weeks shuffle and pull out a card each week asking: What does this card need to teach me this week? Searching for clues.

Things that might help with this:



What you like best

What you don't like

What you would change to make the card better

What makes the card the card. IE: does the scythe make the Death card for you

What would you remove from the card

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