90 Days to Learning the Tarot 

Review by Allan Ritchie


90 Days to Learning the Tarot; No Memorization Required!

Written by Lorri Gifford

Published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
ISBN-13: 978-0-7643-4774-0
Retail US: $24.99

When I first picked up this book I had a sense of foreboding. I get irritated with books that present schemes for learning the Tarot. I quickly changed my mind. For each generation there is an entry book that ushers them into the world and wonder of the Tarot. This book may turn out to be my go to recommendation for the next generation.

There is so much thought, effort and work went into the publication of this book that it is tough to decide what to rave about first. Intended to be a workbook the pages are durable. I love to write in my books and the pages stand up to the use any writing utensil short of hammer and chisel. Pencil, gel pen, ball point pen, and even my favorite ultra fine point Sharpie markers do not bleed through the pages. The book is full color all the way through using both photos and the vibrant Gilded Tarot deck for illustrations. The tight binding however does not lay flat and that can be a struggle when filling out the exercise. Overall, Schiffer Publishing produces high quality books and decks and this is no exception.

The book is both handsome but most amazing part is the content. Created as a ninety-day program of daily exercises the author does not rush right to the cards. Some beginners will struggle to follow the plan because the compelling excitement of learning Tarot is the cards. For those that stay the course the first fourteen daily exercises thoughtfully prepare the student to be a reader. With topics about connecting with your body and spirit, signs and symbols, word usage, and even the anxiety that can come from comparing yourself to other readers Ms. Gifford puts the student on solid, level ground to engage the cards.

The bulk of the book is working with the cards and learning them. The Minor suits are taught in groups based on number and court rank. Looking at the similarities and difference, the symbols used and numerological keyword. This section is pretty standard and filled with an approach where the student creates their own personal associations to the cards. Using the Gilded Tarot for illustration gives a great color to the pages but the book begins to feel like a companion book for the deck more than a process to help engage any tarot deck.

The final section is as amazing as the beginning. The final fourteen exercises are a course on the elements and dynamic of giving a tarot reading. Concepts covered are the steps of a reading, boundaries with a client, cleansing after a reading, how to conclude a reading, and the crowd-pleasing Celtic Cross spread.

90 Days to Learning The Tarot is more than a beginner’s book but a guide for all who use the cards. This book could easily be used as a personal journaling exercise for the adept reader or text for a three-month class for beginners. Creative, visually appealing and full of amazing content this book will put the newbie through their paces and refresh the experienced reader to the basics of tarot reading


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