Tarot Journaling

What's In A Name
Tabitha Chamberlain

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I've a list of ideas in a folder on my computer; I asked my 13 year old son which one he thought I should use this month, this is what he choose.

What we're going to do this month is our names. Shuffle the cards, deck or oracle, honestly doesn't matter one way or another for this one. Now lay out the number of cards that correspond to the letters in your name. It could be your first name, nickname, last name, your magickal name, whatever you feel the most connected with. Or if you're feeling ambitious you can do several variations over the month to explore yourself even more.

For me:  my given name is Tabitha, everyone here at ATA calls me Tabi, but I feel most connected to Tab. Even the name we choose to use for this exercise tells us a lot about ourselves. Tabitha is what I use in my day job. Tabi would probably be considered my "alter ego". Tab is most personal self that every few get to use.

What we are seeking to learn from this exercise is: Who am I? How do I define myself? What can I learn about myself that I don't already know? If you're more comfortable with spreads you can pick a word or question that corresponds to the letters in your name:

T- what is my Truth

A- how to I Acknowledge myself more

B- what is Barring my growth

I- what Impressions do I give others?

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