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Charmed Book of Enlightenment
By Cheryl Ann Gardiner

20170109 My BOS decorated by Me

This is what I prefer to call my BOS (Book of Shadows)! In this article, I will explain to you how my “Charmed Book of Enlightenment” came to be and what’s inside!

Why A Book of Shadows?

In my opinion, a “Book of Shadows” is a witch's most cherished possession. It is where you begin your history as a witch. I suggest as soon as you begin your journey as a witch, you would want to begin your own Book of Shadows. It is used to record information you can refer to or keep a record of different spells and rituals you may have tried, how you tried them and what worked and what didn't. So you may want to record a change in a spell or ritual also.

This is a book you can keep to yourself or pass down through generations. A witch with no family will often pass their Book of Shadows on to, bequeaths it to another witch.

The Book of Shadows is often kept in a safe place away from prying eyes. You can also wrap your Book of Shadows and then place in a safe place.

How to Make a Book of Shadows?

There are many ways to make a "Book of Shadows". As you may have already seen on YouTube. My way, which I will explain, is by taking a very large three-ring binder. Why?! Reasons being are that it is going to fill up fast and there is a vast amount of information and sections to place inside. I would suggest using tab dividers for different sections.

I take at least a plain 2” three-ring binder. If there is a front clear sleeve, then you can print out a cover page from your computer decorated in any way you'd like. If not, or you really want to get creative, decorate it in your favorite fabric colors. And add a cloth ribbon trim and/or a feather on the front. I also added cloth trim to the inside of mine with mod podge. You can also use fabric glue to glue the fabric on, trimmings, and embellishments. Go with what feels right to you!

Mine had been given to me by my young daughter at about age 11. She had brought it home from school one day when a teacher had extra binders she offered them to the students. My daughter quickly said she'd love to have one. My daughter had planned on bringing this home to me for my "Charmed Book of Enlightenment". My daughter knew I was looking for something extra big that I could take my materials in and out if I wanted. This comes in handy especially if you're doing a spell or ritual. And I find covering the pages, especially the ones I need to take out for spells and rituals have a less chance of getting dirty if covered in a plastic page sleeve.

What to put in your Book of Shadows?

This can get lengthy but I prefer to give you options and ideas and then you can choose from there.

It can contain an unlimited amount of information.

Some people chose to have a separate journal for just their spells.

I prefer to have my own separate book for my Tarot, Oracles, Lenormand and Angel Cards. Because of how much recording will be done, I like a separate three-ring binder. I will include these subjects in the Book of Shadows but will also give you ideas for a Tarot Journal in another article.

1.  Cover Page – My says, “Charmed Book of Enlightenment”

2.  What a Book of Shadows is.

3.  Title Page: In which, I put the title, ‘Charmed Book of Enlightenment” and signed my name as started by and date. You can add your real birth name, married name, your magickal name and I also added a copyright section.

4.  Dedication Page- I wrote mine myself. I'd rather write my own and be creative instead of copying something off the web. It's up to each individual. There is no wrong or right way. Some of us may not have the time to hand write everything. I wrote why I started my Charmed Book of Enlightenment and what I wanted or am hoping to achieve by having a Charmed Book of Enlightenment.

5.  Charmed Book of Enlightenment/Book of Shadows Blessing. I wrote my own. It also is a Blessing of Protection for my book. I wrote mine with a smooth rhyming flow to it. If you look online you can get some ideas.

6.  Dedication and/or Initiation

Dedication/Initiation to your Coven or Tradition
Dedication to your Pantheon
Dedication to certain God and Goddess
Dedication to the Divine

7.  Laws

Laws Of your Coven or Tradition
If a Solitary, Your View of the Acceptable Rules of Magick

8.  Witches Pyramid

9.  Theban Alphabet

10.  Tools of the Craft

What Each Tool Is Used For
Meanings and Symbolism

11.  Gods and Goddesses

List of Gods and Goddesses in Your Pantheon
Myths and Legends of Gods and Goddesses in Your Pantheon
Pictures or Artwork of Gods and Goddesses in Your Pantheon

12.  Correspondence Tables

Phases of the Moon
Days of the Week

Time of Day (Hourly)

13.  Sabbat History, Lore, Myths, Associations, and Rituals


14.  Esbats

Monthly Lunar Names and Meanings
Monthly Lunar Associations
Monthly History, Myth, and Lore
Monthly Rituals

15.  Divination

*Lenormand/Oracle Cards/ Angel Cards



Individual Card Study
Cleansing Your Cards
Asking a Question
Daily Draw
Tarot, Lenormand, Oracle and Angel Card Inventory




How To Charge
How To Use
Charts (Free Printable)
Pendulums I Have

*Crystal Ball Gazing

*Tea Leaf Reading

How To Do Tea Leaf Reading


*Palm Reading

16.  Sacred Texts

Charge of the God
Charge of the Goddess
Special Chants

17.  Magickal Recipes

Herbs and Herbal Blends
Food and Magickal Correspondences
Recipes for Sabbats and Esbats

18.  Magickal Spells

Consecration of Tools
Casting and Closing a Circle
Candle Magick Spells
Protection Spells
Love Spells
Binding Spells
Prosperity, Money, or Employment Spells
Drawing Down the Moon Spell
Moon Magick

19.  Crystals and Gemstones

Your Inventory

20.  Feng Shui


21.  Aura Reading

How to read Auras - Notes
Colors and their meanings for you
Thoughts and Feelings

22.  Astral Travel

How To
Your experiences
Thoughts and Feelings

23.  Chakras

Different Chakras and their meanings

24.  Witchy Crafts

Different Crafts

25.  Pagan paths - Celtic, Traditionalist

Thoughts and Feelings

26.  Charms and Talismans

Their Uses

27.  Dreams and their Interpretations

Thoughts and Feelings

28.  Spirituality

Thoughts and Feelings

29.  Meditation

Different Types
Breathing Exercises
Thoughts, Feelings, and Experiences

30.  Books That You Have Read

Thoughts and Feelings

31.  Your Book Inventory

Thoughts and Feelings

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