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Change is in the air as all the plants that have been slumbering over the winter have been waking and bringing forth color and greenery.  Some of us have had a bit more winter than we would have liked, but now that is behind us as we enjoy the beauty that nature bestows upon us in May.  

We would also like to send out a glorious and happy Mother's Day wish to every woman in the world, whether a mother or not - this is a day to celebrate the divine feminine and girl power!

Now to the important business!  Thank you to everyone who entered April's contest!  We had another great response and are pleased to announce the winner of the Archeon Tarot Premier Edition!  The clipping was in fact from the 7 of Cups card from the Archeon Tarot and was one of the cards featured for the sign of Virgo in the TarotScopes.

Congratulations, Ann Livingston of El Paso, Texas!

We have a packed issue for you this month!  Melanie Harris talks with Mary K. Greer about Tarot's top controversies, and we are thrilled that Mary is a contributor this month with comments on suits and elements.  Jeanne Fiorini shares the second installment of her series, Ten True Things, and more amazing stuff from Melanie Harris, Peggy Firth, Terri C., Walks With Thunder, and Adrienne Abeyta.  Gary is back with Lesson 2 in his series on the Secrets of Tarot Numerology.  Flash Silvermoon is also back and sharing an excerpt from the companion book to her special deck, The Wise Woman's Tarot.  There are so many great contributors this month that my words just don't do them justice... you'll have to read the issue!

Enjoy this issue!

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