Some Tarot Questions & Answers

By Peggy Firth

What seems like a confusing spread, an awkward question or dire-looking cards may point towards a revealing reading that could lead to some amazing answers. Seeming stressful situations can be handled with grace and ease. I’m thankful for great teachers who helped me tackle many seemingly challenging Tarot readings. 

What do I tell the querent (client) when my mind goes blank?

Often our mind goes into overload when we are faced with a question or a card that does not seem to offer up immediate answers. Remember: every spread is perfect. You may begin by saying that the card is confusing and that you would like to ask some questions relating to the card. Often the reading takes you on to other issues that are equally or more important. Remember, the issues are often deeper than the ones presented.

How do I re-state a question that seems virtually impossible to answer?

Predicting the future is harmful since a change of mind changes future possibilities. Readings that involve future predictions may influence the querents’ decisions. Perhaps it would be of greater assistance to look into the dynamics of the situation. What seems to be occurring in the present which may affect the future? Example, “What has to happen before I meet my future husband?”

What if the cards all seem to point to difficult or stressful times ahead?

All stressful or bad experiences ultimately have a positive side. Since each life is fraught with some pain along the way, our role as readers is to gently interpret the cards as challenges to heal or overcome. In Mary Greer’s book, The Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, the author states that some readers feel that reversals always have unpleasant meanings. She asks the reader to realize that there are a dozen ways to interpret reversals and the reader should choose one that best represents a more modified meaning. 

If the cards in a spread make no sense, can I reshuffle?

I was taught that it’s OK to reshuffle. However, I never have - I feel that since every spread is meaningful. 

What if a client wants a reading too soon after a reading?

Before I do a reading I tell the client that my readings deal with issues within a three month time period. Some clients want the answers to conform to their expectations. They may eventually find a Tarot reader who delivers such an answer but the majority of serial clients may only feel confused. 

What if the querent insists on knowing more details than the cards reveal?

This is a common problem, especially for people who have little understanding of Tarot. As a 900 Tarot telephone reader, my employer advertised that we Tarot readers had the winning lotto numbers. I quit that job! I feel that we must educate our querents as to the limitations of time and space, since spirit does not operate under those limitations. 

I have spoken with several professional counselors and even a physician who use the Tarot in their work. Would the Tarot be a possible way of gaining more insight? 

The subconscious mind is open to all of the answers as it is the ‘sea of intelligence.’ If our conscious minds were that open we would all go crazy with too much information. However, the tarot is one way to access more answers to difficult situations. I find that when I lay down a card my eye goes straight to a particular image which may shed more light on the question. Professional counselors and those who attempt to help others solve difficult life issues often need more answers than their reference books and experience offer. 

Tarot reading takes verve and chutzpa just as some professions require quick decision making. Rely on your wisdom, spirituality and practical nature for answers. 

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