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We are happy to bring you another issue of Tarot Reflections, and to take this time to celebrate fatherhood and fathers, and to welcome the coming summer solstice!

Without further ado, I'd like to announce the winner of the May contest!  The correct answer was The World (or Universe) card from the Crowley Thoth! 

Congratulations, Yvette Tillema of Keene, New York!  Enjoy the Tarot of Color and new journal!

We have another great issue for you to read!  Great articles by Melanie Harris, Terri C., Walks With Thunder, Gary Meister, Peggy Firth, Jeanne Fiorini, the very popular TarotScopes from Adrienne Abeyta, and much more!  We are also experimenting with a design change in this issue that Walks With Thunder suggested... we are going to allow reader comments to be posted on the pages!  I would also like to thank a reader, Vicki, who suggested that Gary's previous lessons be hyperlinked to his current lesson - what a GREAT idea!  We are also making the previous lessons available as downloadable PDFs!

I would also like to announce that we will be starting a new column next month, written by Leean Lester, aka "The Palmistry Lady," who will be sharing her business know-how!  So if you have any questions about where to read, how to get the word out that you are reading, or any other business question, send them here for now and we will see that they get to her! 

On a more serious note, frequently, there are news stories in papers and across the Web about fraudulent readers taking advantage of consumers.  This is a terrible thing that the ATA and other associations, organizations, and each of us legitimate readers, need to combat.  We need to put the criminal activities out of existence.  However, I feel there is another group being potentially and quietly victimized. This group is made up of legitimate readers who are taken advantage of by event and fair planners or organizations -- and they may not even realize it, or if they realize it, may feel that they have no other alternative available if they want to read.

So, in addition to a great Father's Day article this month, Walks With Thunder has also written an important article about a new way of putting on fairs and why it is needed.  It has taken off like fire in the Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest, and has spawned similar activities in the New York/New Jersey and Sacremento, California areas with wild success.  

Enjoy the issue!

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