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Happy Solstice and happy summer to those who enjoy it! Summer is my least favorite time of the year for several reasons: all the things I am allergic to come back to life, bugs, Daylight Savings Time (do we really need to see the sun set at 9 or 10pm at night? I need that hour back for sleeping!), and the weather…most of all, the weather. It gets hot, hot, hot here, but the worst is the prolific severe weather that always seems to put in unwanted and frequent appearances. I have family and friends that live in Tornado Alley (mom and sisters in Moore, Oklahoma) and along coastlines within reach of hurricanes. It seems like nearly every day there is some weather associated event happening to mess up peoples' lives. 

If you are one of the lucky ones who, like me, live in an area that is relatively calm and stable, please take the opportunity to give to the American Red Cross or other legitimate emergency assistance organizations (be sure to check them out first!). They really are the first in line after the emergency responders to help people start healing and putting their lives back together after tragic events like these occur. Giving can be helping in a variety of ways: by monetary donation, giving blood, fundraising, volunteering, or more. For more information, please check out the American Red Cross website at:

On a lighter note, it's time to announce the winner of the May contest…

Congratulations, Linda Tenney from Palm Harbor, Florida!

Linda's answer of The Moon card from The Portland Tarot was randomly selected from among all the entries received with the correct answer. Don't forget to enter this month's contest - the odds of winning are great!

Please note that we have a new contact email address: Please use this email for contest entries and to contact us here at Tarot Reflections.

Enjoy the issue!

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