Magical Times Empowerment Cards

Review by Terri Clement

MTEC45 box-01

Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma

Published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.,

ISBN: 978-1-57281-723-4

Retail: U.S. $16.00

Stunning angels, faeries, unicorns, dragons, dragonflies and humming birds make up just a few of the magical beings that come to life in this new deck. Jody Bergsma, through Magical Times, brings us beautiful and inspirational messages that are designed to transform and empower the reader.

Magical Times is a 44-card oracle deck that comes with a 28-page oversized Little White Book (LWB). The deck is housed in a heavy duty cardboard box with a unique flip top design. This box is rugged enough to survive being carted around in a book bag or purse. The box was shrink wrapped as well was the deck inside. Upon opening the deck, I noticed an inky smell, which has been dissipating with use.


The cards themselves are flexible but as a deck it is a bit stiff shuffling and the edges of the cards are a bit rough, these issues should ease with use as well. The cards have a very distinctive feel. The front of the card has a very light lamination and is smooth while the back of the cards feel a bit rough. They measure 3 ½” wide x 5 ¼” tall. Those with small hands will need to adapt shuffling method if they are used to riffle-bridge shuffling.

The card fronts are painted in calming blues, greens, purples, pinks, yellows, and other soft earth tones. The card face borders measure ¼” and are a darker color than the background. The images are set inside of a circle in the center of the card giving a telescope effect. The card title is printed in the top center and a key phrase is printed on the bottom. The card backs are on a dark blue back ground with a rainbow design of intersecting circles that start in the center as red and move out through the color spectrum and are reversible friendly.


The LWB opens with a brief section about how to become familiar with the deck and how to use the cards and the booklet itself.  Then each card is listed alphabetically with an affirmation to go along with it. It also contains 3 spreads. A single card “What path should I choose?”, a 3-card Empowerment Spread “How did I get here, what is happening?”, and a 5-card Elemental Influences Spread “Who are my allies?  Who walks beside and within me?”

All 44 of the images are so spectacular that it was difficult to narrow down a few to share for this review, so here are some randomly chosen images from Magical Times:

Happiness  - The back ground of this image is done in a dusty pink color and the setting is a pink night sky with a full moon and features a faerie dressed in white, riding on the back of a humming bird with another humming bird flying a little lower.  


The key phrase for this card is:  “Immense delight can be found in the smallest of things. Cultivate fluttering moments of joy.”

The affirmation for this card is:  “Today I give myself permission to be happy. I will laugh and laugh some more. I will spread my wings of joy and soar. I now let go of the past and live in the present moment. I am a beautiful, smart, creative heart on a journey towards ultimate happiness.”

Manifestation – The back ground of this card is down in a range of blues and also features a moon against a starry night sky. The images in this card show a raring horned Pegasus and a dragon with a small geometric pattern in the foreground.

The key phrase for this card is: “Your dreams have untold energy. Open the door and let them live. Desire and belief are your power.


The affirmation for this card is:  “Today I acknowledge that my life is expanding and new doors are opening. I will let go of unwanted past experiences, forgive, and be grateful for lessons learned. I will be filled with a vision of everything that I want my life to be, do, and have, and let the magic happen. I give thanks in advance for all the blessings on their way.”

Prosperity – The background of this card is done in light greens and has purple irises. The foreground features 3 frogs crawling around a Celtic ring that says Wealth… Abundance… and Prosperity…

The key phrase on this card is:  “Focus on the positive and more good will come. Give thanks for blessings and they will multiply.  Prosperity begins in the mind.”


The affirmation for this card is:  “Today I will focus on the good and happy moments in my life for this is true wealth. I am a powerful person who believes in prosperity and happiness and health. I will stay positive and prosper beyond my wildest dreams. I give praise and thanks for the unknown blessings already on their way.”

Sacred Space – This card is done in lavenders, blues and purples and features a geometric shape in the back ground with a dragonfly above a white lotus.

The key phrase for this card is:  “Take time for the dreamer in you. Find your power in stillness. In your sacred space is the peace you seek.”

The affirmation for this card is:  “Today I will create a place in stillness. I will take time for my dreams and give thanks for my life.  I will look within and find the peace I seek for it is always with me. I will make myself and my world a sacred space with a magic cloak of gratitude and I will be happy.”

This deck can easily be used right out of the box. It is an excellent resource for those on the journey to become empowered and those interested in making positive changes in their life. It might also be an excellent tool for those who are interested in fantasy writing or character development. Of course, any fan of Jody Bergsma’s will be very pleased with Magical Times.

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