Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads

Review by Sheri Harshberger


Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads self-published e-book by Stephanie Arwen Lynch featuring illustrations by Lisa Hunt

Available at www.tarotbyarwen.com


Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads is a new self-published e-book in PDF format written by Stephanie Arwen Lynch: current President of the ATA, published author, and Tarot professional with 30+ years of experience. 

The 30-page book is a collection of ten layouts that she has designed for a variety of purposes. All are named and inspired by some well known fairy tales. The number of cards used in each layout varies from 6 to 14 based on what is needed for the purpose of the spread. 

Having developed many of my own layouts over time, I have to say this collection of is a comprehensive toolbox for any reader, covering topics such as self-exploration, goals, relationships, problem-solving, career, breaking habits, and more. The layouts are detailed and well thought out and the physical designs are interesting. All is wrapped in Arwen's uniquely humorous and easy-to-read prose, which she uses to introduce each layout and provide special instructions and guidance. For example, for the Big Bad Wolf layout, which assists in identifying threats, she cautions the reader to "…imagine you do not know who the threat is. One difficulty with a layout of this nature is that we tend to assume we know who it is. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy…"

There is a lot to like about this little e-book. The price is very reasonable, and as an e-book in PDF format, it is easily loaded onto a tablet or eReader for convenient portability. The format of the book makes the content very easy to access, too.

These layouts are as easy to learn and work with as they are comprehensive. This e-book would be a great investment for any reader, but especially those who are very familiar with a few traditional layouts and want to expand their toolkit of layouts for their own use or in readings for others. 

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