Deck 777

Thoth Majors Only 777 Tarot
created by Lance Reynard

Review by Lalia Wilson

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This is a self-print deck, a PDF, which you purchase, download and print. Deck 777 was created as a magical, or tarot, training tool. The PDF is 27 pages long, with 22 pages being the cards themselves. Each card has one side as its Hebrew letter, the other side contains a wealth of information including the Hebrew letter, the English letter, the Egyptian symbol and the Rune that correspond to that trump. They contain information on the color, the power, the weapon, the animal, the plant and the herb. You will also find the stone, sometimes precious or semi-precious stones are included. There you will also find the drug and the scent corresponding to the particular Major Arcana card. All this and more, including interpretations for upright and reversed positions.

 Can you use this deck to read with? Possibly. This Majors-only deck is mostly a compendium of associations with each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana presented as the card itself. The interpretations are aligned with the Thoth tradition associated with occultist Aleister Crowley. For those whose connection with the Tarot is mostly through the symbols of the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, this will either be a big positive new direction or a complete turn-off. Although there are images on these cards, see the example shown, these do not work in the way that you are likely to be accustomed. 

This is a novel and inexpensive ($3.33) way to produce a deck. Even with great care, your cards will not rival a purchased deck that was printed commercially. You may want to experiment with different paper weights, 24#, possibly cover stock, to find which suits you best.

What I did not like was the use of many different fonts, most of them very difficult to read. This was particularly true of the 5 pages of instructions. Perhaps if this book/deck is revised, fewer and more legible fonts will be used.

This deck is worthwhile purchasing if you want to explore new tarot traditions or the Western Esoteric tradition’s training with the Tarot. If you are less adventurous, Deck 777 may not be for you.

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