Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards

Review by Terri Clement

Vibrational Energy

By Debbie A. Anderson with illustrations by Heather Brewster

Self Published 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9917990-0-8
Retail: $25.00

The Vibrational Energy is a highly insightful 52 card oracle deck that can be used for daily draws, meditations, an add-on to a reading, and even full readings.

Scan 68

The deck and guidebook are housed inside a heavy duty lift-off top box. The cards measure 3" wide x 5" tall. The finish is slightly glossy. The edges of the cards are a bit sharp, but I expect those to soften with use. The cards individually are flexible, but riffle bridge shuffling is a bit stiff and they don't fan well, but fanning powder will solve that quickly.

The card fronts have a 1/8" border on the top and sides and a 3/8" border on the bottom which houses the title of the card. The card backs are reversible. However, the deck is designed to be used in the upright position.

The artwork has a very grounded energy and feels almost zen-like.

Scan 64

Mythical Changeling
shows us a woman transforming into a butterfly, or is it vice-versa? The guidebook offers “Accept this new and exciting vibration as you transform and morph into the changeling you have always been.”

Scan 65

Quiet Times features a serene face, over a watery surface and blue sky background, with soft, white stars above. The guidebook says “let yourself bathe in the hush of peace and tranquility, so you can soothe your soul…”

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The “F” Word almost looks like an old time typewriter "F" key surrounded by an ornate design. The guidebook says that it means whatever you think at the time. The booklet also goes on to mention "Fixation, Frustrated, Fasting, Fool... Take your "F" word and shout it out." The guidebook is 80 pages and measures the same size as the cards. It contains an original spread and is illustrated with a black and white image of each card, along with an interpretation for each.

This deck is easy to use and provides clear messages. The deck and guidebook can be used right out of the box by the novice through professional. A professional tarot reader might pull a card from the Vibrational Energy Oracle as a way to wrap up their traditional reading.

Review Copy provided by Debbie A. Anderson

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