Do You Believe in Earth Angels?

By Carol Guy

Do you believe in Angels? More than likely, you do  And, you are far from alone. Since the beginning of our time here on earth, people have been “touched” by Angels. There have been uncountable stories and reports and visions of Angels interacting with (saving, rescuing, comforting, guiding) humans.  Today, the numbers of people experiencing and reporting these angelic encounters are increasing exponentially. People from all walks of life --all nations, all cultures, all races, all faiths and all religions--are personally experiencing and believing in Angels.


The real question that I am submitting to you is whether or not you believe  that Angels can be incarnated into human form? What if your mom, partner, or best friend came to you one day and said, “I am an Angel.” How would you react to this?  Would you doubt them? Would you think they finally lost it?

Personally,  I never thought about it until I, through numerous personal experiences and revelations realized that not only can Angels incarnate as human beings, but that I am one of them. Working through my own doubt, confusion, and skepticism, I eventually had to face that, that the fact that I am an Earth Angel, and that I am not alone in this mission. In a time of growing earthly “negatives,” (war, aggression, poverty, etc.), I came to see that a heavenly host (Earth Angels, Indigo Children, Crystal Children etc.) have been sent into the world to offer humanity “positives” (increased faith, trust, devotion, love, etc.).

At first I did not want to face this possibility or  believe in it. Even in this “New Age” of spirituality, it still is easier to tell someone of your sexual preference than it is to express a belief that you are part of  a “New Era” of celestial beings who have chosen to come to earth in order to offer comfort, support, and guidance. I was soon faced with the question, “Now what do I do?”  My answer was to simply share my story (my experiences, my highs and lows, my journey, and my “truth”) and to let you decided for yourself what to think about it. If nothing else, this will allow you to examine the possibility that there are incarnated beings here to help you-- or that you yourself are here as an Earth Angel-- to help others.


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