My Blessing to See Fairies, in a Good Way

By Walks With Thunder

Some Medicine Men and Women call Fairy folk the little people. No matter what we call them, Nature’s Angels are real and are in our world. Why not embrace the magic of the Fey? This morning, I saw a blue Fairy light under my bed, glowing softly in the morning light. This evening, I found a light orange one on my knee. LOL, just so you know, I have never taken any hallucinogenic drugs or herbs, etc. Why then would a former Network Engineer see these magical beings? Well, it could be that I am also a shaman and have the gift of sight. It could be that Fairies love me because I love deeply. Perhaps I am a happy, fun person most of the time.

Fairies love to be near people who are in love. They enjoy music, and they love sweets. If you put out sweets, you have to make sure they are tiny bits of sweets. I think I have the recipe for a fairy cake…hmm, where did I put that? Our little pals also enjoy sparkles and shiny decorations. Some folks I know make Fairy Houses in the garden or deck areas.  Sweet liquors are also a favorite, placed in a doll’s cup or glass and set outside. Make sure you have flowers that humming birds love, as the Fey love those, too. 

I have a friend who likes to decorate her home with holiday lights. She turns them off and goes to work, only to come home and find them on. I love that.

Are you sure you want to see fairies? They have a strange idea about what is funny, not at all like ours. They sometimes hide your keys or your wallet. Not funny. You go about the home looking for your lost item, only to find it on the counter or table you already checked, innocently, almost mockingly, laying there for you to find.  Not funny.

Okay, then, if you are sure…I call grandfather and grandmother spirits of the Fairy Nation, I call all the spirits that love us. I ask them to give you the sight to see Fairies in a good way. I ask that you be given the ability to communicate in a clear, happy way with the Fairy. May that all happen for you in a good and gentle way, however, in an immediate, right now kind of way, too.  I thank the nations gathered.

I am not responsible for any lost items at your house or workplace. Remember, you’re the one who wanted to have this blessing, or you wouldn't have read it! LOL

Here’s a recipe I’d like to share from Wisteria’s Fairy Recipes.

Fried Honey Cakes  

These cakes are not unlike those made on the night before Beltane by women around the turn of the century. These cakes were left in the garden to please Fairy visitors. 

1/2 cup sweet white wine 

2 tablespoons sugar 

1 egg 

1 cup honey 

2/3 cup flour 

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg 

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon 

Oil for frying 

1/8 teaspoon salt 

Beat the wine & egg in a medium bowl. Combine the flour, cinnamon, salt, and sugar in a small bowl. Stir into the egg mixture. Let stand 30 minutes. Combine the honey and nutmeg in a small bowl. Heat 1/2-inch of the oil in a frying pan until hot, but not smoking. Drop the batter into the oil 1 tablespoon at a time; fry until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Dip into the honey. 

Yield: 1 1/2 Dozen. 

Can also be eaten on Lammas and the Day of the Dryads.

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