Review of The Magic Box, a book by Egan Sanders

By Dark Star

The Magic Box is a story for all ages, full of charm and wisdom that can entertain as well as enlighten. Written by Egan Sanders, an Intuitive Counselor, coach, spiritual development teacher, writer, and event organizer, this book reflects the life’s work of its author. Through his counseling work and teaching events, Egan has helped motivate countless people to live more spiritually fulfilling lives, and now he has put this same heartfelt drive into a well-written little story. 

He began working on The Magic Box in 1996, and recently self-published it through Agne Books. “My goal was to write something that would be short, inspiring and timeless,” Egan says. This is his first book.

The Magic Box is a combination of fiction and non-fiction, parable and straightforward instruction. It begins with a cute story about a boy who struggles with a stuttering problem. He finds hope in the form of an old wizard who invites him into his cabin and shows him a very mysterious wooden box. The wizard lets the boy make his wish into the box, and states confidently that the magic will surely work, but he does not explain exactly how this powerful magic operates. The story follows the boy into adulthood, describing his many encounters with the wizard and his mounting curiosity about the magic box. He wonders if he will ever be able to examine the box in its entirety and unlock its many secrets.

The second part of the book describes the magic box in detail, explaining the symbols that decorate the box and why those particular symbols and colors are chosen.

The third part of the book is written in a non-fiction style, and tells readers exactly how to manifest their own desires, with simple step-by-step instructions and easy-to-grasp knowledge similar to Egan’s spiritual development teachings. The system described is very inspiring, and combined with the story in the first part of the book, it awakens the motivation needed to create a better lifestyle and bring into reality those most glorious dreams. 

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