August 2016
By Lalia Wilson

August heralds a powerful eclipse on the 21st visible over North America and total in a path across the continental U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina. Astrologers see eclipses as major events, especially when the eclipse closely aspects your chart, and if it is visible where you are. (I don't know about cloudy or rainy days…) That said, those most affected by the eclipse will have their Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other personal point or planet hit directly by the eclipse at 28° 58’ Leo. If we do not have an important planet or point at 28-29 of the fixed signs, or within a couple of degrees, the eclipse tends more to energize an area of our life related to the house of our horoscope the eclipse hits. The eclipse will already be sensed by those who are intuitive and will be active until five months, or more, after August 2017. In addition to the Tarot-directed scope below, I’ve added a note about how you might feel the eclipse.

As if an eclipse was not enough to contend with, we have Mercury going retrograde in its home sign of Virgo on the 12th. (Mercury has two home signs, Gemini and Virgo.) Along with each sign below your Mercury advisement awaits. Mercury turns direct in September right on the eclipse degree! So keep your seats.

What does August have in store for you?

I used a different deck of cards for each of the four elements. All cards were randomized. There were four repeated cards: The Hermit, Death, Temperance, and the Eight of Swords. (Temperance was a repeated card for July as well!) So the message for everyone is to enjoy your alone time, expect something to change dramatically, to be moderate in your actions and habits, and to realize that you carry the ability and knowledge to break out of what you see as a prison cell.

This month’s numerology of the cards has zero Ones, Pages, and Queens! Ones are beginnings. The Pages are new energy for studying, curiosity, wanting to explore the world around you. (Maybe you are waiting for September to return to intellectual inquiry.) The Queens are the energy that nurtures each suit. As a society that energy is underappreciated and perhaps not available at all this month.

Cards used for these readings were as follows. Fire signs: Tabula Mundi Tarot created by M.M. Meleen (available as an app or the physical deck at http://www.tarotcart.com/). Air signs: The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot by Helena Domenic, available as an app at your usual app store (or at http://www.mythandwonder.com/Fellowship-of-the-Fool-Store.html). Earth signs: The Everyday Witch Tarot created by Deborah Blake and Elizabeth Alba, available as an app or published by Llewellyn and available at your usual retail outlets. Water signs: Tarot for Cats by Regen Dennis and illustrated by Kipling West, published by MacMillan USA—this is a majors only deck. 



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Death and the Eight of Cups:

This month is a month to check your and your spouse’s retirement plans and pension plans. Make sure all the legal pieces are in place for an inheritance. You might also want to know more about your spouse’s personal finances that are not shared. Your subconscious is very active asking you to listen to your intuition and dreams. There is time for pleasant evenings with your family and relatives, and for some home improvement or décor. Since you are usually the most active person in the zodiac, this month may seem slow to you. This month you will only be as active as the rest of us. The eclipse hits your Fifth House of Children, Creativity, and Love Affairs. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. Here you may have some big event involving your child, an artistic endeavor, or a romantic interlude. Mercury reminds us to look after our health and to establish or maintain moderate habits.

Images from 
Tabula Mundi Tarot created by M.M. Meleen published by Atu House.



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The Hanged Man and the Four of Pentacles:

The Hanged Man suggests a pretty laid-back, relaxed and easygoing month and points to parties with your friends. The Four of Pentacles is someone who is holding on to his money. He doesn’t have a lot, so he’s worried about losing what there is. You are more clever, creative, and strategic thinking than usual this month. Please, dear Taurus, make note of your ideas! There is also an indication of travel under duress. You could be required to travel for work related reasons. The eclipse hits your Fourth House of Home and Family. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. This could mean a sudden change in your family or home. Is your homeowner’s insurance up to date? Mercury could throw a hitch into any complicated creative effort—why am I thinking of home remodeling? Perhaps a part will come in that is not the correct one, or broken…

Images from 
The Everyday Witch Tarot created by Deborah Blake and Elizabeth Alba published by Llewellyn.



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The Fool and the Two of Swords:

Long-distance travel is not recommended this month, either for business or pleasure. However, shorter trips, a day’s drive perhaps, are indicated, especially when prompted by friends. Your friends are luring you to be more adventurous, and you can choose to participate in some of their fun. It’s also a richly creative month for you. Allow yourself to enjoy the awards and inspirations while they are coming in!  The Solar Eclipse lands in your Third House of Neighbors, Siblings, and Cousins. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. You may find that some catastrophe has hit one of your neighbors or relatives that would benefit from your support. Mercury cautions us to be careful at home. Make sure that tripping hazards are picked up. No one wants to trip and fall.

Images from The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot by Helena Domenic, self published.



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The Tower and the Knight of Swords:

There is more energy around increasing your income, dear Cancer. This is the month to promote yourself and network so that you can raise your earnings. A family member may be able to give you a large gift. However, do not count on an inheritance in your financial plans. That is off the table at the present time. The Solar eclipse hits your Second House of Earned Income and Personal Possessions. An eclipse is a "reset" or an upset. This eclipse energy can bring either positive or negative consequence. One negative would be having your wages garnished for a debt, or for child support. Do you have insurance that covers your personal possessions? This is usually a part of homeowners or renters insurance. Better to get it now, rather than discover why you should have had a policy. Keep your valuables protected! Mercury suggests that we call any siblings or cousins that we have gone too long without seeing. They may need a kind word or deed that we can supply.

Major Arcana image from Tarot for Cats by Regen Dennis and illustrated by Kipling West, published by MacMillan USA—this is a majors only deck. 



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The Hermit and the Eight of Swords:

This is the month to be clever about money, dear Leo. Are you writing or selling craft items? Both could bring in another revenue stream if you pursue them. Don't count on your partner this month. He or she is battling their own demons and not available to console you. However, a neighbor or sibling or cousin is there to help you when you need it. Be thankful and ready to pay it forward when the opportunity comes up. The Solar eclipse hits you personally. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. It can bring better or worse health and better or worse popularity. Check your health regularly by seeing your primary care physician and any specialists as they suggest. If you have done anything underhanded, it will come out and result in a drop in your popularity. Mercury mentions to check your bank balances early and often this month. Does your math agree with the bank's math? 

Images from Tabula Mundi Tarot created by M.M. Meleen published by Atu House.



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The World and the Nine of Pentacles:

Having assumed responsibility for a family business or member, you’ve worked hard. Now it’s time for your reward. You have passed the test and now you can relax and enjoy yourself. All is looking good. Virgo, do you remember your dreams? If so, this Solar Eclipse will bring some remarkable ones that will give you powerful clues to your possible future. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. But for you, Virgo, it may go relatively unnoticed unless you are sensitive to the higher realms and energy. Mercury in your sign this month going retrograde may make you more reclusive than usual, Dear Virgo. You just want to crawl back into bed. Give yourself permission to step back from a lot of busy-ness for these few weeks.

Images from The Everyday Witch Tarot created by Deborah Blake and Elizabeth Alba published by Llewellyn.



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The Moon and the Ten of Swords:

You are filled with ebullience this month. Nothing seems impossible. However, don’t expect too much from your children, and take care of any health matters. You might overindulge in all the good things! Libra, this month's Solar Eclipse manifests in your Eleventh House of Friends, Groups, and Associations. An eclipse is a "reset" or an upset. This can mean that you may leave a group, or it may be reorganized. The worst meaning is a permanent break with a friend, possibly due to the friend moving beyond the physical realm. Now, before the eclipse is the time to remind those you love how important they are to you. Mercury is nudging you to notice your dream messages. Guess what? If you don’t get the point the first time, that dream, or a beefed-up version of it, keeps coming back. Better make note of the dream and start to figure out what your subconscious is telling you.

Images from The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot by Helena Domenic, self published.



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Temperance and the King of Pentacles:

Be temperate, dear Scorpio, in your buying and selling any valuables this month. Any small expensive items may need financial care to afford. Have you budgeted for them? Ask your partner for help if there’s something you need to acquire now. You have some smart friends you can also be of help this month. The situation with a neighbor, sibling or cousin is still ongoing. Nothing there is going to change in the near future. Scorpio, the Solar Eclipse lands in your Tenth House of Reputation and Publicity. An eclipse is a "reset" or an upset. In this area of your life expect change. It can mean a sudden event that puts you in the limelight. It also can mean some of your secrets are revealed. As a very private person, this could be difficult for you. Mercury has to do with friends for you, Scorpio. One of your friends will be crazier than usual from mid-month into September. There could be ample reason for this but expect more acting out from a usually pulled-together friend.

Major Arcana image from Tarot for Cats by Regen Dennis and illustrated by Kipling West, published by MacMillan USA—this is a majors only deck. 



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Temperance and the Six of Pentacles:

Take care of yourself, first. You may have had to learn this lesson the hard way over the last two years. The lesson will remain, but the pressure will ease at the end of the year. Publicity looks good. Your money situation looks good. Your health will benefit from a consistent routine and strategy. Dear Sag, this month’s August 21st Solar Eclipse lands in your Ninth House of foreign affairs and travel. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. Thus, you may find your life suddenly impacted by something that happens far away in another country, or you could find a need for you to suddenly travel far away. Keep your passport up to date. Mercury says that any bad stuff you’ve been up to will hit the grapevine this month. The Mercury retrograde is right up there in your house of publicity. I hope you’ve been good!

Images from Tabula Mundi Tarot created by M.M. Meleen published by Atu House.



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The Hermit and the Ten of Cups: 

While the Hermit energy is pointing to being alone, everything else is pointing to good times with the one you love. I’m picturing Lake Tahoe, a great Capricorn environment, and a year-round vacation destination. (Many other large lakes around the world offer something similar—Lake Geneva, Lake Baikal, Lake Superior, and plenty more!) Who would you like to share this environment with? Capricorn, this Solar Eclipse lands in your Eighth House of Death, Taxes, and Emotional Intensity. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. You could find yourself being financially responsible for a failing relative or for an estate. You are known for your organizational skills and responsibility and this may be difficult, as you don’t allow yourself to be emotional about the real feelings you have that necessitate these changes. If you are traveling far from home expect Mercury difficulties. Other countries, for example, have different banking holidays, and different laws. Be prepared.

Images from The Everyday Witch Tarot created by Deborah Blake and Elizabeth Alba published by Llewellyn.



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The Empress and the Eight of Swords:

Dear Aquarius, this is a great month for traveling a long way from home—a nice vacation in the British Isles? There is a definite tendency to overdo things—food, drink, activities, and expenses. Some moderation will help. August is a good time to work with others, partners, family members, friends, instead of making all the decisions yourself. Your judgment and the cooperation you will receive will be less than ideal if you make the decisions single-handedly. This Solar Eclipse lands in your Seventh House of Partners. An eclipse is a "reset" or an upset. A big change to your partner or your relationship is likely. A partner can mean spouse, business partner, or other significant one-to-one relationship. Flexibility, not easy for you, is the key. Mercury has you signing legal documents and taking care of business. Be sure to dot all your I’s and cross your t’s. 

Images from The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot by Helena Domenic, self published.



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Death and the King of Wands:

You may benefit from someone else's misfortune this month. You have put in a lot of hard work and your justified rewards are coming. There is still some uncertainty around your income. Plan on the least you expect to come your way and have an alternative plan if more arrives. Pisces, the Solar Eclipse activates your Sixth House of Health and Service. An eclipse is a “reset” or an upset. Thus, the eclipse can indicate a health issue coming to light, or an issue with your employer if you are not in top management or self-employed. Another way it can work out is that people you employ need to be let go, or quit. Mercury is going to knock your partner for a loop. Unlike usual, you have to be the steady and practical member of the partnership. Enjoy this change, it won’t last long.

Major Arcana image from Tarot for Cats by Regen Dennis and illustrated by Kipling West, published by MacMillan USA—this is a majors only deck. 

You can use these Tarot Scopes to read your Sun sign, Moon sign or Rising Sign (also called your Ascendant). You can determine these by using free or low-cost apps, or internet sites, and inputting your time, date and place of birth. The Rising sign indicates your entire life; the Sun sign is about your ego and creative forces, and the Moon sign is about your reigning needs, emotions, and flexibility.

The tarot cards used as illustrations for this column are ones that I or the editor, Terri Clement, admire and want to share with you. Note that decks have subtle differences of meaning as they are reinterpreted by a new creator/artist, and, of course, the tarot reader. Enjoy that flexibility of meaning and the artwork of these various decks. Reading articles with illustrations like these will help you determine the tarot decks that most fit you.

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