Reading Responsibly:  The Ego versus the Real Self

By Peggy Firth

As Tarot readers, we often have to listen to a querent carry on about “losing” a boyfriend, husband, or something else important to them. As we readers know, such relationships and obsessions over losses can often hold people back from growing and maturing. Some folks may take years or even a lifetime of suffering to break free of their obsessions. A reading may detect such ego-related situations; however, a temporary “fix” may only be the beginning of a life-long healing. 

A large part of many people’s lives is consumed by obsessions, since the ego equates “having” with “being”: the more I have, the more I am. You can help by letting your querent realize that they have separated their ego from their real selves. The illusion of ownership to things and others obscures their real being and must be kept up or the ego will begin to feel diminished. The release of others or acceptance of loss can be made easier when the sufferer understands that identification with another or with something is just their ego wanting to feel more permanent and solid. 

The ego will do anything to feel alive, such as become ill, have an accident, or create drama. Often the querent has quite rigid thinking patterns and has not considered alternate plans or lifestyles that you can discuss in a reading.

Another factor to consider is how each event in the querent’s life is affected by past conditions. Have you ever observed a friend or family member who overreacts to things that you would not even consider relevant? Such a condition is often brought about by past conditioning. Underlying discontent with life stems from certain beliefs and unconscious thoughts that pervade and influence everything. Many people spend most of their time in this state. The unexamined or unenlightened life creates suffering, anger, frustration, hatred, and all manner of illness. As readers, we can only observe and suggest positive steps. David Hawkins, a psychiatrist and New Thought master, teaches that we should not try to swoop in and take care of or enable those whose karma has to be “worked on”. An intervention may take care of a present situation, but it may also cause that person to have to repeat a life. This “valley of tears” is just a proving ground for the advancement of the soul, and may only seem like a blip in the ongoing evolution of a soul.

The following twelve step groups usually have at least one, if not several, branches in each city. You might want to have this list handy to share with your querents who need more assistance than a Tarot reading can provide.

AA – Alcoholics Anonymous EA – Emotions Anonymous

CA – Cocaine Anonymous DA – Debtors Anonymous

OA – Overeaters Anonymous GA – Gamblers Anonymous

COSSLAA – Co-sex & Love Addicts SA – Sexaholics Anonymous

WA – Workaholics Anonymous SA – Smokers Anonymous

NAIL – Neurotics Anonymous Tough Love

There are new groups forming for every emotional, psychological, and physical malady. The internet makes it possible for you to locate any group in your area. Are you up for the challenge of the challenged querent?