Tarot for Today

By Melanie Harris

This is the last installment of Tarot for Today.  It will be missed!

Welcome, Fall!  As the sun's energies ebb, Nature is putting on her Autumn dress and pulling in the harvest.  This is an excellent time of year for reflection and expressing gratitude for our many blessings.  As you immerse yourself in the changing tides of the Fall season, take some time to contemplate your achievements and give thanks to the solar energies that have brought in Summer's bounty.  By acknowledging success, however small, we put ourselves in a winning mindset that empowers us to accomplish our loftiest goals.  Here are some ways to use the Tarot to celebrate and maximize September's energies.

Autumn Tarot Layout

Start by shuffling your deck as normal, contemplating where you've been and where you'd like to go.  Lay out the top card.  This card symbolizes your best achievements over the last Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Lay the next card to the right of the first.  This card represents where you are now, and shows what energies or skills you need to emphasize in order to achieve your current goals.  Place the next card to the right of the second.  This card offers a preview of what you can accomplish this Fall.  If this final card is a "negative" card such as the Ten of Swords, it means that the metaphoric beast symbolized by the card can at last be conquered.

September Tarot Ritual

Lay out the Sun card and think about solar energies such as success, love, warmth, and constructive power.  In your own words, express gratitude for your blessings.  Next, lay out the Moon card or the High Priestess card, both of which symbolize the lunar/feminine energies that grow more prominent in the Fall and Winter.  These energies bring inspiration, creativity, and magnified psychic power.  Welcome these energies into your life, and think about what you would like to achieve this season.  Wrap up the ritual with a final expression of gratitude.

September Tarot Talisman

As September is a time of harvest, the Ten of Pentacles, with its symbolism of bounty and success, makes an ideal Tarot talisman to carry with you this month.  To increase your luck, show gratitude, and empower yourself for further success, send your thoughts and wishes through your fingertips and into the Ten of Pentacles.  Once the card feels "charged," it's ready for use.  Tuck it into your purse or coat pocket to manifest an ideal September.

We hope these timely Tarot activities will bring you a fruitful and enjoyable Autumn season.  Happy September!