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Adrienne Abeyta


Adrienne Abeyta combines the symbolic systems of tarot, numerology, and astrology. She offers a contemporary approach as she connects modern psychology and spirituality in her readings. Her specialty is bridging the practical everyday world with the spiritual growth and evolution of each person. She believes in the capacity of individuals to discover their fullest potential and it is her gift to assist in this process. Adrienne is a certified life coach and owner of Five Muses Entertainment. Adrienne can be reached at 619-917-0998

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Janet Boyer

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Janet Boyer is the author of The Back in Time Tarot Book (Hampton Roads) which features her innovative BIT Tarot Method for experiencing the cards. In July 2010, she became the Social Media Maven for U.S. Games Systems, Inc., managing their Fool Stop Tarot Blog, Twitter presence and Facebook fan page. In addition to being an Top 10/Vine Reviewer, Janet is also the founder of the online Tarot Classroom, which has over 50 international students.

Dubbed the Queen of Tarot by Monte Farber, Janet has written over a thousand reviews, articles and interviews for both print and online publications, specializing in Tarot, New Age and Self Help topics. She is currently working on her second Tarot book, Tarot in Reverse, which will be published by Schiffer Books in Fall 2011, as well as a literary paranormal novel. 

A quadruple Scorpio with an Aquarius Moon and Aries Ascendant, Janet makes her home in the gorgeous state of Pennsylvania with her soulmate, Ron, their son (whom she homeschools), and two cats. In her free time (yes, she actually has some!), she enjoys her rural environs, swinging on the glider, talking and laughing with her two guys, mystery novels, thriller films, family TV fare from the 60s and 70s, animated movies and bookstores. 

You can visit Janet’s home base at and sign up for her free Newsletter at, where she gives away free stuff all the time.


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Terri C.


Terri C. is a featured reader at many local events in the greater Puget Sound area.  She has been reading since the age of thirteen.  She also works with Faerie Energy for reading and healing.  She specializes in Behavior Kinesiology and has guested on Seattle area radio stations.

She is one of 111 featured authors in One Page Wisdom: Inspirational One-Page Writings from 111 People Worldwide published by Life Skills Australia and available from fine booksellers online and elsewhere.

She can be reached at

Jeanne Fiorini


Jeanne Fiorini has had a life long interest in the symbolic and the unseen.  She has studied transpersonal psychology at The Synthesis Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History, and has extensive experience with the symbols of the Tarot and archetypal psychology.

Originally from Upstate New York, Jeanne settled in South Portland, Maine in 1978, where she founded her business "TarotWorks" in 1991. 

Now in her second decade as a Tarot practitioner and teacher, Jeanne blends the art of Tarot reading with practical guidance and useful information.

Her readings, classes and workshops all serve as reminders that the authentic life is the one worth living and that the world is, as John Keats said, "the veil for soulmaking."

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Born Armenian American, on Long Island’s gold coast, Frances fuses science and magic. She earned a BS in Engineering and an MBA in Marketing before inheriting a printing company when her brother passed.  Tarot found her in that elevator when a stranger gifted her a deck that gave her vision a voice.  Frances is the Sun, the Wheel and the Magician, connecting dots between elements and symbols.  Her readings cut to the heart of any issue with surgical precision, offering clarity and light.

Frances’ passions have led to many outlets.  She is a high performance race car driver and trainer, poker player, wife, mother, reader, writer, designer, diviner, teacher and guide.  She’s read for people on 6 continents and offers free readings to anyone from Antarctica.

In addition to cartomancy, Frances teaches tarot, intuitive reading, lithomancy and other forms of sortilege.  Check out Frances' website at

Flash Silvermoon


Flash Silvermoon is a nationally known psychic, astrologer, musician, teacher and author.  She is an eclectic Dianic Priestess as well as being a vibrational healer. Flash has worked on many cases that have challenged the authorities and has a large clientele that includes the famous and nearly-famous.  She has served the community for 31 years as a psychic astrologer and healer.

She specializes in the use of stones and crystals, working with them through layout on the body, grids, elixirs and her own unique combinations called "Power Tools."  Flash also uses Flower Essences in her practice, which includes animals as well as humans.  

Flash has been a leader in her field since the early 70's and has recently turned her efforts towards multi-cultural women's gatherings.  She has published several books, including: 

❖  The Wise Woman's Tarot - a multicultural, matriarchal book & deck

❖  Flash Silvermoon's Planetary Playbook - (Many excerpts have appeared in Of A Like Mind, an international magazine for women's spirituality.)


The Temple of Isis
 - a channeled remembrance of her past life as a Priestess of Isis.

Flash is available for concerts and individual or group speaking engagements.  Contact her through her website,, in advance for your special events and visit her Music page to listen to samples of her evocative sound artistry and to order her music on tape.

Sheri Harshberger


Sheri Harshberger has been working with the Tarot for many years and is thrilled to share her love of the American Tarot Association, Tarot and oracles with the world community as Editor of Tarot Reflections and as the Vice President of Outreach.  Along with Terri C., she is also a featured author in One Page Wisdom.  When not working on features and the Tarot Reflections website, she can be found reading at a fair or in her office.

She can be reached at

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